Best Healthy Eating Tips During Social Isolation or Quarantine

Best Healthy Eating Tips During Social Isolation or Quarantine

Best Healthy Eating Tips During Social Isolation

With nations and governments taking strong measures to control the spread of the novel Coronavirus, self-isolation and quarantine have become common. Staying at home means the temptation to eat junk food more, which you need to shun.

Best healthy eating tips

When the COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc all over the world, you need to include nutritious food especially when you need a stronger immune system to fight against viruses and infections.

Taking a balanced diet is important for good health and immunity during isolation or quarantine. Here are some healthy eating tips for you to stay healthy amid troubled times.

Add more fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet

Did you know farm-fresh veggies and fruits are foods for an abundant supply of minerals and vitamins to your body? Include at least five portions, approx. 400 g of veggies and seasonal fruits daily.

Different types of colored vegetables and fruits provide you with various combinations of vitamins and minerals as well as phytochemicals. Therefore, include a variety of these foods in your daily diet as much as possible.

Frozen, fresh, dried, juiced, and canned vegetables and fruits are all considered as one portion, and you must take at least one serving each day.

Best Healthy Eating Tips During Social Isolation or QuarantineSwitch to unsaturated fats

Though fats form an integral part of a healthy meal, not all fats are healthy. Therefore, switch to unsaturated fats and ditch the saturated ones because the former helps in reducing your bad cholesterol or LDL levels and cut back on the effects of cardiovascular ailments.

Darius Jasinski recommends avoiding fatty meats, tropical oils, and dairy items rich in fat. Include more nuts, plant oils, and oily fish in your daily meals.

Rapeseed and olive oil are the best plant-based oils that you can take for good health.

Avoid foods rich in salt and sugar

Avoid foods and beverages that have high salt, sugar, and fat like potato chips, cookies, sugary beverages, and chocolates. If you eat these foods in excess, you will gain more calories than required, which is not good for your health.

Foods containing high sodium and sugar offer little or no health benefits and are not essential for a healthy meal. Even if you eat such foods, do so in moderation and rarely. The best way is to avoid such salty and sugary food items at all costs.

Pick plant and animal-based proteins

Protein is important for a stronger body and immune system and therefore, you need to include both plant and animal-based proteins like beans, fish, lean meat, eggs, dairy products, and soybeans.

From a previous DIY Active post:

If you want to lose weight eat 0.7 – 1.0 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, every day. The target for building muscle is similar: 0.7 to 0.9 grams respectively.

For example, a woman weighing 160 lbs who wants to lose fat and gain muscle should aim for (0.7 x 160) = 112 grams of quality organic protein powder every day.


Keep these healthy eating tips in mind for a stronger body and immune system to fight all kinds of viruses and infections amid the pandemic. Ensure food safety while eating nutritious meals.

Best Healthy Eating Tips During Social Isolation or Quarantine