The Mother of All Blankets: Do Power Naps Work?

the mother of all blankets: do power naps work

Why Do Power Naps Work?

When we’re young, life seems a whole lot easier. Even though your life is relatively stress-free, you have one of the great relaxation tools available at any time. In fact, you’re encouraged to use it as much as possible! What is this miracle tool? Naps. Check out why they rock and one tool to take your napping to the next level.

Big Blanket Review: Take Your Napping to the Next Level

Naps are one of the most underrated and underutilized techniques for sharpening mental alertness, increasing productivity, and improving overall health and wellness. Power naps in particular have proven to be useful for providing these benefits.

How and Why Do Power Naps Work Big Blanket Review Mother of All Blankets Do Power Naps WorkWhat benefits can you expect from power naps? What is a power nap? And how can you harness the power of these power naps in your daily life?

Benefits of Napping

Anyone who has taken a brief nap during their day can attest to the power it can have in your day. When the steps outlined below for optimal napping conditions are followed, there are a number of outstanding benefits that can come.

There are also many health benefits that can come, including increased energy, enhanced cardiovascular functioning, lower stress, and even better digestion.

What is a Power Nap?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, as posted on, a power nap is a nap that is just the right length to refresh you and give you energy while not being so long that you wake up feeling drowsy or disoriented.

When you sleep, you work through stages of sleep, each of which has differing effects on you. In the first stages of sleep, you sleep lightly while resting. Fitting into the other stages of sleep, this stage is designed to prepare you for deep, restful sleep.

This isn’t enough to satisfy your nightly requirement but tends to be plenty of rest to rejuvenate you in the middle of the day. This stage usually only lasts around 20 minutes, making it ideal for a midday power nap.

How to Power Nap

Knowing that you should shoot for about a 20-minute nap, what can you do to start getting some of the magical benefits of a power nap starting today? One of the hardest parts of napping for most people is simply shutting off the outside world and getting to sleep quickly.

Many people take more than 20 minutes to fall asleep at night, making a 20-minute nap not worth it after all.

To get yourself to fall asleep as quickly as possible, you need to give yourself every advantage you can.

This is going to include making your napping space a cool, dark, quiet place with cozy bedding. Setting your phone in Do Not Disturb mode, if not turning it off completely to eliminate the distraction, is a must to avoid distractions.

Whatever steps you have to take, a nap can have outstanding benefits in your day. We got a chance to test out one tool that can help you take napping, sleeping, and cozy TV time to the next level. It’s the gigantic original stretch blanket by Big Blanket.

Big Blanket Review: Taking Power Naps to the Next Level

Simply put, this is 100 square feet of awesome comfort! The 10ft by 10ft original stretch blanket is huge. With it being 4 times larger than a normal blanket, you can get lost in it. Yes, huge.

The Big Blanket is simply awesome. It’s temperature regulating, so you won’t get too hot or too cold. Plus, it’s moisture-wicking so it keeps you dry and is machine washable (we washed it twice already).

Mother of All Blankets Do Power Naps Work Big Blanket Review co

This thing is a great bed cover, covering an entire king bed and then some. It’s perfect for the entire family to snuggle up under for a movie on the couch.

Need to throw a blanket down for a picnic or the kiddos to play on outside? This blanket is the ticket. You won’t find a bigger blanket!

With seven colors, seven patterns, and five limited editions, you can make it your own. And with a 30-night guarantee and free shipping, you don’t have much to lose!  It’s one great tool to help you take powering napping to the next level.


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So, if you want one of the biggest, most comfy blankets out there, you have to check out Big Blanket Co!

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The Mother of All Blankets: Do Power Naps Work?