Bridal Diet & Nutrition: Get In Shape Before Your Wedding

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Focusing on Your Bridal Nutrition?

Every bride wants to look spectacular on the big day but many often forget about good nutrition in the wake of the hustle and bustle. Since the period right before the ceremony is the most important in this respect, this bridal nutrition article focuses on the promotion of health and happiness in the weeks prior to the wedding. Learn why exercise is important, what foods best promote health, and what to include in the wedding day fare.

Bridal nutrition and exercise

Although crash diets are a common choice for brides-to-be… MISTAKE!

These diets are not only a detriment to before-wedding weight loss but also to the development of healthy habits needed in the years that lie ahead. Every bride wants her day to be perfect, but with the entire stress one endures during these times, many women find they lose track of taking care of them.

Bridal Nutrition Ways to Get in Shape Before Your WeddingWhen plans for the big day begin to unfold, every bride feels the pressure of making decisions that she’ll remember for a lifetime.

However, as the day creeps closer, that stresses often rises, causing women to overeat, become irritable, and lose touch with positive thoughts. This hinders one’s happy pre-wedding existence as well as overall health, energy, and weight maintenance.

It is for this reason that the two-week period before the ceremony is crucial to a bride’s health and energy as well as her ability to look spectacular.

Make Time for Exercise

Since exercise is a great promoter of health and stress reduction, going to the gym in the days before the wedding is of utter importance. Whether she’s looking to tone her abs, thighs, arms, or rearview, a bride can keep her in top shape, reduce stress, increase positivity, and boost energy levels all in one place.

Despite that, exercise is an important ingredient to mind and body health, it does not stand alone in such efforts.

Foods of Interest to the Bride-To-Be

Eating right is also quite critical to pre-marital well-being. Between the stress, anticipation, worry, and excitement, the bride-to-be often loses focus on a healthy diet. Exercise may be part of looking and feeling good but if a bride expects to radiate beauty on the big day, she must take the time to focus on her diet.

Bridal Nutrition: Ways to Get in Shape Before Your WeddingWhat a bride really needs during these weeks is the energy to help her deal with the hustle and bustle going on around her. Unfortunately, all too often that energy is sought in the form of lattes or energy drinks that pack a lot of calories and cause a lethargic crash. These drinks are not the answer.

When aiming to sustain energy levels in the face of significant stress, one should consume foods that help revitalize the body, provide healthy carbohydrates, and include plenty of lean proteins.

Foods like oatmeal, salmon, eggs, nuts, carrots, and fresh fruits can provide significant improvements in all-day energy.

Bridal Complexion

Of course, energy is not the only need during periods of high activity. Staying hydrated is also very important as it can mean the difference between looking like a turtle and beaming like a firefly.

Put an end to sluggish feelings and dull, dry skin by drinking lots of water and eating foods like tropical fruit, iceberg lettuce, celery, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

A healthy complexion may need a lot of natural moisture but it also needs to be nourished.


From exercise to nutrition to your complexion, this is one of the biggest and happiest days of your life. Focus on being healthy inside and out with some healthy bridal nutrition tips and the rest will take care of itself!

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