Cheaper Ways to Eat Healthy At Home

Cheaper Ways to Eat Healthy At-Home

Eat Healthy At Home the Simple Way

Everyone says that eating healthy can be really expensive. It does seem really expensive to eat a ton of fresh vegetables, fruit, and meats, and always have them on hand when you get hungry. There has to be a cheaper way to eat healthy at home and add nutritious foods to your diet to make it healthier and sustainable. A sustainable diet needs sustainable foods. Try some of these tips to achieve better results and eat healthy at home:

Eat healthy at home with these tips

1. Cheap protein: tuna and eggs:

Cheaper Ways to Eat Healthy At HomeStores are basically giving away canned tuna (like $1 per can) and eggs! Both are great for you and both are cheap. Implement eggs instead of bacon for breakfast or have tuna salad for lunch.

2. Frozen veggies:

Hands down one reason eating healthy can be expensive is because vegetables go bad quickly. You buy a big container of salad and three days later it’s already rotten!

One simple answer is to buy frozen. Although you won’t have the same freshness, you will always have a healthy substitute around the freezer. It has even been shown that flash-frozen vegetables retain a majority of their nutrient content: you aren’t losing much when they are frozen.

These frozen vegetables work perfect in stir-fry or steamed.

3. Frozen Fruit:

One problem that fruit has in common with veggies is that they can go bad quickly. It seems that bananas go bad before you even get them home! One way to make your fruit last long is to buy frozen fruit or berries which are normally sold for pie filings.

These fruits are great in oatmeal or cereal in the morning!

4. Canned veggies:

Cheaper Ways to Eat Healthy At-Home

They don’t sound nearly as appetizing as frozen or fresh vegetables but a  2012 study by Tufts University indicated that when price, convenience, preparation time, and waste were taken into consideration, canned vegetables are actually the best choice because they maintain a large portion of their nutrients, have a long storage life and take almost no time to prepare!

I’d rather have fresh vegetables but when in a pinch, reach for that can of green beans.

5. Bulk chicken:

A lot of times you can get bulk chicken really cheap (I’m pretty sure that way I lived on in graduate school). It usually comes in such a large quantity that even a family of 10 couldn’t eat it all.

One great thing to do is buy it and freeze what you can’t use right away! You will save a ton of money.

6. Whey protein:

Whey is probably the best bang for your buck out there when it comes to protein. To get it cheaper go to any chain grocery store and I will bet that in the health section they sell generic whey protein. Make sure to get just plain whey. Whey is whey, so forget about all those other additives that only really make it more expensive.

Cheaper Ways to Eat Healthy At-Home

7. Implement healthy beans:

First of all, they are dirt cheap and when bought either in their dried state or in a can and they are amazingly healthy for you! For instance, a cup of cooked black beans without seasoning contains 15g of protein and 15g fiber for only 227 calories.

That’s a huge amount of fiber and protein in a little package.  Instead of adding hamburger to a soup recipe add some beans!

8. Concentrate on cheap powerhouses:

There are some foods out there that are just cheap and simply healthy for you. Concentrate on adding these to your diet. Things like brown rice or Greek yogurt. Here is a list of 15 amazing health foods for ~$2 from WebMD try to add at least 5 to your diet!


Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank.

By subsisting things like beans, tuna, eggs, and even whey protein into your diet, you can save money and become healthier. Lastly, don’t be afraid of the frozen food aisle.

Don’t think of it as a place where frozen pizzas go-to diet, think of it as a place to find some great alternatives that will make you healthier and save you a butt-load of money! You can eat healthy at home!

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