Easy COVID-19 Nutrition Tips to Avoid Weight Gain

Easy COVID-19 Nutrition Tips to Avoid Weight Gain

Easy COVID-19 Nutrition Tips

With countries taking robust action to combat the spread of the virus, you must take care of your health. It is in this scenario Marcus Debaise draws the attention of the readers towards the importance of diet. Health is integrally connected to the food that you eat.

COVID-19 Nutrition Tips

You will be surprised to know that the food that you eat plays 80% of the role in your overall well-being. With restaurants and takeaways shut down, people have to rely on the food that is available at home.

Hence it becomes even more challenging to stay tuned to home food for a long time. However, it is essential to keep yourself away from any outside junk food to help you build your immune system.

What can you do to stay healthy?

Check out these easy COVID-19 nutrition tips.

Eat what you need

Try to make a plan. Also, try to stick to it. In the lockdown, there are multiple cases where people are overeating due to depression.

As you are a foodie and free at home, you can hardly resist food. Therefore you must make a plan. Try to buy only that which you need. Do not lose the money that you have earned with so much pain and hard work.

Easy COVID-19 Nutrition Tips to Avoid Weight GainFor this, you will have to assess what you already have at home. Then make a list and try to stick to that list. Do not over-purchase groceries because you think panic about food scarcity unnecessarily.

Try to use fresh products

When preparing food try to use fresh ingredients as far as practicable. Try to cut down on your non-perishable food intake. They contain preservatives that are not good for health. What you can do is preserve fresh fruits and vegetables.

They will provide you with similar nutrients. You can also consider it as an easy source of nutrition for you. Marcus Debaise suggests you prioritize your shopping list.

Home-cooked meals are the best options

The food prepared at home is the best source of nutrition. They are high in nutritional value. With so much time in your hand during a lockdown, you can quickly try your hands on some recipes that you have not tried earlier. Marcus Debaise says it will help you to stay busy and also eat healthily.

It will help you overcome boredom and even help you with meals that are good for your health. Try to do experiments with your ingredients. It will help you kill time and savor tasty meals.

Try to portion your food

You will have to take care of the amount of food that you take in. You cannot eat whatever you want and how much you want. It will be detrimental to your health. You will thus have to decide on your portion size.

You can take the help of your dietician who can help you with specific guidelines. Also, try to seek advice from your elders, who are there to assist you.


Your diet and physical activity are all that are needed to help you stay fit. All you need is to be careful about what you eat.

It will reflect on your health. It will help you to fight diseases and also build your immunity during the pandemic.

Easy COVID-19 Nutrition Tips to Avoid Weight Gain