Fitness Fashion: 6 Tips To Look Good In The Gym

Fitness Fashion 6 Tips To Look Good In The Gym

Tips To Look Good In The Gym

For many, the gym is where they meet other people, get ready for a great workout, and feel better about themselves. However, some may feel uninspired to go to the gym, even when they know it’s good for their health. If you can relate to this feeling, maybe you need to look at fitness fashion for some inspiration.

Fitness Fashion Tips To Look Good In The Gym

Many gym buffs can attest that looking good while working out is critical in motivating people to achieve their fitness goals. Boost your self-esteem as you eat miles on a treadmill or flex your biceps with these top tips to look good in the gym:

1. Feel Invigorated With Colors

Even if you love to exercise, there will always be days when you can’t bring yourself to the gym because you may feel blue or not in the mood. To put yourself in a positive attitude about working out, you may need inspiration from a pop of colors. So, invest in brightly colored fitness fashion like the colorful Moxie Cycling Company Cycling Apparel and others.

Who can resist donning a bright-colored sleeveless top with fun prints and patterns? Some men could also feel invigorated to go to the gym with the help of some colorful accents to their otherwise typically muted workout outfits.

2. Mind What You Wear Underneath

Many people don’t consider undergarments when they think about wearing proper gym fashion. But using the right type of undergarment is crucial as it can help protect your private parts and make you look better while you go pumping iron in the gym.

For example, sports bras are designed to provide support and hinder unnecessary (or unwanted) body movements so you can run, jog, and jump around without worrying about injury or pain. If your sports bra is well-fitted and padded, you can even wear it as is and pair it with sweatpants or leggings. Some workout bras are designed to help improve your posture too.

For utmost comfort, both men and women must wear underpants. Just ensure you choose one made from cotton or breathable fabric that fits properly and will let you move without hassles or pain. However, if your shorts or pants have a built-in crotch liner, you could forego the underwear to maximize the form and function of the design.

3. Prioritize Functionality

Fitness Fashion 6 Tips To Look Good In The GymAs mentioned earlier, motivation is one of the reasons why it pays to try to look good at the gym. However, it’d help to consider functionality when thinking about fitness fashion. Many fitness brands can successfully mix aesthetics and function, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

You can find matching bodysuits, fitness onesies accented with lines and cutouts, asymmetrical sports bras, and even workout outfits with animal prints or metallic finishes. You can also wear a fitness body shaper to inspire you to work out more. Whatever you select, ensure that they’re form-flattering and figure-hugging.

Make sure your outfit provides compression at the right places if you need them and makes you feel awesome even when you’re puffing and huffing.

4. Have Fun With Your Trainers

The right type of shoes is crucial in preventing injuries and protecting your feet while working out in the gym. But you don’t have to pick the most boring trainers in the market. If you prefer monochromatic workout apparel, you can infuse pizzaz in your outfit by buying bold-colored shoes.

Who wouldn’t feel compelled to reach eight miles on the treadmill while wearing a comfy work of art on their feet? Even guys will feel energized by comic-character-inspired trainers or running shoes.

5. Pick The Right Fabric

Sweat patches are unflattering to both men and women. Nobody likes to look like a wet rag while working hard in a high-intensity spin class. So, to prevent this from happening, wear antiperspirant before you start your workout and select fitness fashion apparel made from fabric that helps evaporate sweat faster and wicks moisture away from your skin.

Although cotton is a breathable fabric, it’s best to stay away from it if you’re planning an intense routine. The cotton fabric absorbs sweat, so it may feel heavy and wet during an intense workout.

1. Say No To Baggy

Loose-fitting fitness apparel is okay if you run outdoors, play sports with your friends, or exercise at home or in a park. However, if you’re in the gym, it’d be advisable to stay away from them.

Not only are they not form-flattering, but they may not even be safe to wear in a gym. They can cause injury if a loose fabric gets caught on the stationary bike or other equipment.


It’s fun to look and read about fitness fashion tips and trends. You can learn a thing or two about what shoes and clothes to wear to prevent injury and boost your performance.

But ultimately, the best workout outfit in the gym is what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and motivated to sweat it out and achieve your fitness goal.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Fitness Fashion: 6 Tips To Look Good In The Gym