5 Clinically Approved Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises

lower back pain relief

Treat Lower Back Pain at Home

There’s truth in that old saying ‘plenty of exercising can cure almost any disease.’ Exercising can relieve pain almost instantly (back pain included) and ensure that you do not suffer more bouts in the future.

If you have a history of back pain or have recently injured your back, you might need to consult your doctor before starting any form of exercise. If you are given the go-ahead, you can try different types of workouts, but it is always good to go for what works best for you.

Do not strain too much. Start moderately, then increase the frequency and intensity over time. Check out these tried and proven stretching routines.

5 Clinically-Approved Exercises You Can Do Yourself, at Home

1. The Twist

This exercise helps deal with lower back pain because it stretches muscles. Spread a comfortable mat on the floor and lie flat on it. Start on your back and bend your knees while your feet are firmly grounded on the floor.

Knees should be together as you stretch your arms as wide apart as you can. Slowly move your knees to the side and try to touch the floor — do not strain too much. Try holding this position for ten seconds then alternate the sides. Repeat this 10 to 20 more times.

When performing this exercise, keep your upper body in a relaxed position with your chin up. This stretch works best for lower back pain and also helps relax the glutes.

2. The Cat Stretch lower back pain, back pain, pain relief, stretching

As the name suggests, you are imitating a cat’s stretch. You should be on your hands and knees as you do this stretch. Hands are under the shoulders and knees are beneath the hips.

In this position, round your back so that it is arched and then slowly lower it so it is a half-moon. Stretch your back such that the neck muscles are stretched beyond the shoulders, and the spine feels like it is in line with the ground.

Hold the movements for about 10 seconds not forgetting to let your stomach relax as you get back to the original position. Repeat this several times until you feel the soreness subside. This exercise is more suitable for lower back pain relief.

3. Pelvic Stretch

Most people complain of pelvic soreness when they have lower back pain. Your pelvic muscles also need to be stretched to ease discomfort. Lie on a mat with the knees up and feet on the floor. Bend your pelvis up and tighten the stomach muscles for 10 seconds.

Relax, then repeat. This stretch is not only applied for those suffering from back pain, it is also recommended for postpartum care and those suffering from an anterior pelvic tilt.

4. Knees to Chest Stretch

This simple exercise helps to stretch the entire back and spinal cord. Lie on a comfortable surface with your knees up and feet on the floor. Your back should be straight, with your neck elongated and chin up.

Place your hands on your knees, then gently bring them into your chest. Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds, then stretch your legs back to the original position. Repeat this stretch at least 10 times to really release your back.

This exercise can also be done on your bed, just before you sleep. This exercise is recommended for lower and mid-back pain.

According to Harley Pasternak, no prescription drug beats exercise.

5. Child’s Pose

This stretch is meant to take care of your lower back muscles. Kneel down on a comfortable mat, then stretch your torso and arms resting at your sides such that the spinal cord is parallel to the ground. Your forehead should touch the ground. Stretch your neck muscles outwards, and sink your hips as low as they will go between your feet.

Extend your arms forward to increase the stretch on your back. Your goal is to have your hands reaching out as far as they can while sitting on your heels. Do this for about 30 seconds.

Why is it called child’s pose? Because you form a fetal shape when you get into this position.

This stretch concentrates particularly on easing lower back pain. It is also useful for the thighs, shoulders, and the rest of your back (which will also help with neck pain!). The child pose stretches the entire back and spine and is therefore recommended for any type


According to the American Chiropractic Association, over 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some point. The organization also notes that back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide and $50 billion is used each year in America on the pain.

So start taking better care of your back! For better results, make sure each stretch lasts for more than 30 seconds. Avoid straight-legged exercises like Romanian deadlifts or certain abdominal moves. These will only aggravate your back — bend your knees instead.

The stretches to relieve back pain should be enjoyable and form part of your daily exercise routine. The great thing is, these are simple stretches anyone can do in less than 10 minutes. Establishing a routine is the most important part. Even when you do not feel pain, continue with these stretches to stop it from returning!

The more you exercise, without straining your back, the stronger your muscles become. According to the Trials Journal, strengthening your muscles helps take away your pain. With these tricks, you can relieve lower back pain from home!

If the pain does not go away after the routine, it might be time to consult a doctor. Xpertdox can help you find a doctor who specializes in back pain or even help you locate a hospital suitable to treat your condition.

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5 Clinically Approved Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises