4 Simple Healthy Swaps for a Healthier Life

healthy swaps

Try These 4 Healthy Swaps

Most people have bad habits that they can easily swap out with an alternative that causes much less harm. The truth is that many people simply do not know that some of their less-than-desirable habits can be switched out for something healthier. That’s where these healthy swaps come in!

Simple healthy swaps to make

Being proactive about being healthier, means swapping out certain things for others as you educate yourself on better alternatives.

This means you will not have to change your lifestyle immensely but rather just tweak it.

The following are examples of swaps that can change your life and health in a huge way.

4 Simple Healthy Swaps for a Healthier LifeSwitching Out Oils

The type of oil that you use to cook with might just be out of habit or what your parents used to cook with.

Those people who are cooking with vegetable oils can choose an alternative that is healthier that also might be a bit tastier.

Olive oil is used in a variety of dishes and has been shown in the Mediterranean diet to reduce chances for certain diseases that are developed due to poor diet.

Coconut oil is used by a variety of people who embrace the Paleo diet or something similar to it. This is a better alternative to cooking with butter or grease and it can even have benefits for the skin if applied daily.

Swap Out That Alcohol

Alcohol can have a myriad of effects on the drinker but it is legal. This can add unwanted calories to a person’s daily intake with many people mixing liquors with sugary substances like juices or soda. For those people who simply want to relax and have a few drinks, there is another alternative.

You can simply swap out every other drink with a glass of water or tea. Simple, effective and can save you some money!

One alternative that is becoming more mainstream as laws change across the country is legal marijuana. In fact, several bodybuilders train with cannabis as a way to relax, recover from muscle soreness, and even entertain themselves during a very boring cardio session… Yup, we aren’t making this up!

Meal Prepping Vs. Winging It

The one thing that a lot of people could do better is planning their meals for the week. This allows a person to go shopping on the weekend to get all of the ingredients for these meals. The truth is that with all of the delivery services available it has become much more convenient to order food to be delivered instead of cooking.

This is not the healthy alternative as you will often eat more if food is delivered than you would if you had cooked yourself. The options on many of these services include mostly fast food or unhealthy options like that of pizza.

Put Down The Energy Drinks

Every generation since people found out that caffeine helps them get going, has had somewhat of an addiction to the substance. Drinking black coffee or tea without cream or sugar can be an extremely healthy way to get your caffeine fix.

Too many people are relying on energy drinks that have quite a bit of sugar and chemical blends that can have harmful effects if consumed too often.

There are other caffeine alternatives and even BCAA blends that can give you a safe boost of energy on a daily basis.


As you can see there are healthier options for nearly every vice.

Small tweaks in your lifestyle can change your quality of life as well as your health. Make some swaps that will help you today!

4 Simple Healthy Swaps for a Healthier Life