Home Living: Why The Best Futon Mattress Is Right For You

Home Living Why The Best Futon Mattress Is Right For You

Why The Best Futon Mattress Is Right For You

A futon is a versatile type of cushion or mattress – that’s the reason why it’s common to see them in frames that can convert between a bed and a sofa. Futons are also very flexible, unlike standard mattresses.

Looking for the best futon mattress?

An inexpensive bed replacement is the first thing that would come to the mind of most people when hearing about futons in the past. These days, though, such an option no longer exists.

You might have noticed that more people are getting interested in futons, and the bustling market of futon mattresses is proof of it.

The continued advancement of technology also adds to the hype, with manufacturers now producing more comfortable futons. The best futon mattress is now as comfortable and thick as any regular mattress.

Do you have plans to incorporate futons into your lifestyle? If you do, then here are five reasons why it will be an excellent idea.

It’s Versatile

A bed, a couch, or both – futons are all about flexibility, and that is what makes them appealing.

Home Living Why The Best Futon Mattress Is Right For YouYou can fold a futon down to become a bed at night. You can also use it with a futon frame to become a couch during the day since futons are designed to fold.

No doubt, futons are a real space saver. They’re especially beneficial for small studio apartments or even a home office that also functions as a guest room.

Moving them from room to room is not a problem and also quite possible due to their flexibility.

It’s Better For Your Back

A futon provides excellent support to your back, and there are two primary reasons for that. First, it promotes spinal alignment. If you don’t want to develop chronic back pain over time, you need a mattress that isn’t too soft and doesn’t cause your spine to curve.

Second, the futon engages the muscles of your lower back while you sleep, thus strengthening them every night. Yes, you heard it right, and it’s the reason why some people experience back pain the first time they try to sleep on a futon.

You’re going to use muscles you haven’t used for a long time while sleeping on body-conforming mattresses. The pain will disappear, and the muscles will grow stronger as your body gets used to the surface of a futon.

It’s Comfortable

A night of deeper sleep is highly possible as long as you’re going to use a futon with the right construction based on your preferred sleeping position.

You’ll need more support for your back if you’re a back sleeper, and a thinner futon will be the better option. Side sleepers, on the other hand, will need better cushioning, so a thicker futon is ideal.

Futons can consist of different materials. While the traditional element is cotton, some futon mattresses also have foam or polyester, especially the modern ones. Foams and polyesters resist molds better and even offer more excellent support.

It’s Durable Enough

The filling inside and the outer covering are responsible for the durability of futons. Tough outer coverings are common in the more expensive futons. They also have fillings that have been designed to last for many years.

There’s a lesser chance of clumping and settling if the futon you’ll choose has less cotton inside it. If you want the shape to be retained and comfortable to last much longer, opt for foam and spring mattresses. It would also be best to protect the futon with an outer cover that you can easily replace once it gets ripped or develops holes.

Resistant To Bed Bugs

When compared to regular mattresses, another advantage of using futons is that they are more resistant to bed bugs. Futons have multiple covers that protect their inner stuffing.

It’s also almost impossible for futons to harbor bed bugs since they don’t have much air space, unlike traditional mattresses.

It’s unlikely for the bed bugs to get inside the mattress as long as you’re going to zip the outer cover. However, it’s essential to note that the outer zipper of the futon has a fold, and it’s where the bugs can congregate. It’s not much of a problem, though, since it’s possible to wash the outer cover. Thus, it would be safe to say that the actual mattress can’t get infested.

The futon frames, which usually are varnished wood or metal, are another reason why it’s difficult for bed bugs to infest futons. Yes, it’s because bed bugs tend to avoid them.


Aside from being a truly comfortable piece of furniture, futons allow you to maximize a small space. Also, it won’t be challenging to find a mattress that fits your needs perfectly since there are now different types of futons available in the market.

Please take note, though, that you should do your homework before buying by checking out some reviews online.

Home Living: Why The Best Futon Mattress Is Right For You