How To Break A Weight Loss Plateau

how to break a weight loss plateau

Bust Through a Weight Loss Plateau

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while you’ve probably hit a weight loss plateau at some point. It gives the suffocating, “stuck in a rut” feeling. This usually happens after you lose those first few pounds but your results stall… What are you to do?

Have you plateaued?

Hitting a weight loss plateau happens to almost everyone and it kills your confidence and willpower.

However, you can break through any weight loss plateau with a few simple steps (and a lot of patience).

Check out these tips when you are stuck in this unwanted weight loss plateau and want to get back on the right track.

Do you have extra body fat?

Depending on your body structure and needs, there may be a few extra pounds that you can lose but they are the hardest…

For instance, if your weight loss target is 30 to 40 pounds then it seems easier to lose weight initially, but if you are down to your last 10 to 15 pounds, then they can be more difficult to lose.

How to Break Through a Weight Loss PlateauThis is because your body has a tendency to retain fat for an emergency calorie boost, hence it retains those last few extra pounds for future caloric needs. This gives rise to your weight loss plateau.

This can be tackled by giving your body a rest. Increase your calorie intake by 10 percent to 15 percent.

This can help “re-boot” your metabolism and help de-stress your body. Hopefully, you will feel and eventually see the results as your body will be ready again to lose the extra pounds.

Need to rethink your calories?

You might have checked your caloric needs when you started the program, but with changing fat to muscle ratios and your reduced weight, your body’s calorie needs might have changed as well.

This may be the reason why your body is not responding anymore to the same diet and exercise regime. Set the milestones and reassess your caloric needs after achieving each one.

If you have already hit the plateau, then do this caloric assessment again, get your diet planned, and make a fresh workout schedule.

Your body will respond.

Have your workouts stalled?

The same workout hits the same muscles over and over again… Eventually, you get the law of diminishing returns as your body gets into a so-called comfort zone. Your body needs variety even with exercise.

Mix and match heavy workouts with light workouts to offer a new challenge to fat and muscles daily.

Have you checked your hormones?

If nothing mentioned above works, then you may think of hormonal imbalance. Health conditions like thyroid, polycystic ovary, or insulin resistance would refrain your body from losing pounds even with the greatest of efforts.

This is not always the case though, but to be sure it is recommended to get your hormones tested for any imbalances.

Talk to your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment if you are suspecting such a health disorder.


When it comes to healthy weight loss, a weight loss plateau is just a phase that will pass with time and dedicated efforts.

If you want to break through any weight loss plateau, all you need is patience and persistence to get things on the right track!

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How To Break A Weight Loss Plateau