How to Make a Difference: Nurture Dreams and Young Minds

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How to Make a Difference

Childhood is one of the most beautiful stages of life. A child is simply full of energy and spreads joy and laughter wherever he/she goes. He does not have to worry about problems or manage stress, all he/she has to do is play and learn with baby steps forward. However, childhood isn’t such a pleasant experience for the less fortunate children whose parents are incapable of treating them the right way.

Here’s how to make a difference

If you are someone who can take a step towards love, spread a little light and make this world a tiny bit better, you may consider fostering.

Fostering is an act done by a state-certified voluntary caregiver to provide a happy childhood to a child who was forced away from his birth parents.

It is a beautiful and highly satisfying thing to do while you live in this world – spreading the love.

When Are Children Taken Into Fostering?

There are several reasons which demand the immediate transfer of the child into the hands of a foster carer.

In situations where the birth parents are convicted, or found mistreating children by physically abusing them, foster care is considered to be the best option.

How to Make a Difference Nurture Dreams And Young MindsNeglecting the child’s medical needs or denying them sufficient facilities such as food and clothing may also result in the child being separated from its parents.

Sometimes tragedies such as the accidental death of the parents or fatal diseases also result in the child ending up in foster care. If a parent is too weak and affected by the disease, his best option to keep his child safe would be voluntarily handing him over to foster carers.

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What Is The Eligibility To Be A Foster Parent?

Like most foster parents seem to say, love, forms the umbrella of fostering. Children in foster care may be more sensitive and unhappy as compared to children from regular backgrounds.

You will need to put in extra time to invest in the relationship with your foster child as he may have plenty of bad memories and worries beyond their age and maturity.

Almost anyone with a roof over their head and the minimum facilities can become a foster carer.

Common misconceptions of fostering include the need to be rich to be able to be a carer. It is true that finances do form a huge part, but the cost of their care is taken care of by the government.

You can be a single foster carer as well, provided that you have someone to take care of them during all times when you are away. The same is applicable in the case of two working parents being foster carers as well.

If you are an older couple whose children have moved away for higher studies, you can be a foster carer as well to get rid of the silence in the house.

These kids would love someone to be around and you will no longer be alone as well.

Rewards And Allowances

Expenses are an important concern when kids are considered. In the case of foster children, the need for activities may be more as well.

Hobbies should be encouraged and nurtured at a young age in order to distract them and help them heal to be childlike and happy. You will have extra expenses driving them to their classes, picking them up from school, and then on.

The state provides an allowance system for fulfilling such expenses without taxing the foster parent. The allowance amount is given weekly and is fixed based on the state rules.

In addition to this, there is also another payment system called rewards for the foster parents.

Rewards are the payment you get from the government for doing a service to the state by taking care of the younger generation – the future.

This amount varies based on the services you can provide, the house you own, and the years of experience you have. As you grow more experienced and handle more foster children who grow up and leave the nest, your rewards increase as well.


If you have a home and the required facilities, and the heart to foster a child, then all you need to do is contact a state-appointed agency to start the application process.

After some thorough background checks and criminal record examinations, you will be certified as a state-appointed foster carer.

After that, you can get children assigned to you. It is a job like no other, filled with love and completeness. It truly is how to make a difference in someone’s life!

How to Make a Difference: Nurture Dreams and Young Minds