Lumen Review: Hack Your Metabolism

Lumen Review Hack Your Metabolism

Lumen Review: Hack Your Metabolism

Your diet is one of the most important aspects of health. One popular way to diet that many have had success with is watching carb and fat consumption to help your body switch between each flexibly as fuel. But how do you know if you’re burning fat instead of carbs? Because of how the diet works, tracking how well you have followed the diet is essential.

How you can hack your metabolism

Tracking your metabolism is a tricky task, with most tools used only by professional athletes or medical professionals. What is the Lumen? How does it help?

How To Hack Your Metabolism

Lumen Review Hack Your Metabolism Starting TodayThis type of diet focuses on reducing carbohydrates and eating more fats and proteins to help develop a flexible metabolism. Our bodies mostly generate energy by processing carbohydrates that we get from our diet through sugars, bread, and starches.

Because the general diet in society has a large number of carbohydrates, our bodies have adapted to process them for energy first and foremost. However, the majority of stored food energy in our body is fat.

Since our bodies are used to processing carbs, it takes time to switch from creating energy for us through the carbs in our diet to creating energy through the fat stored in our body.

In essence, you’re trying to get your body accustomed to processing fat to create energy. When your body is in fat processing mode, it can more easily switch to burning the fat on your body when the fuel from your food is used up.

Lumen Review: How Lumen Works

Because this is not a conscious change that can be made by will, it takes time to create a  flexible metabolism. A controlled diet will gradually incline your body to begin processing fats primarily.

However, it is just about impossible to completely cut out carbs from your diet. Naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables are sure to enter into any diet. Thankfully, it is all about the balance of carbs, fat, and protein.

Lumen is a portable metabolic measurement device. By simply breathing into the sensor, it can tell you what your metabolism is burning more of, help you construct a meal plan, and get the most out of workouts by having the right fuel in your tank.

By combining information collected about your metabolism, sleep patterns, nutrition, and fitness, Lumen is able to help you balance all aspects of your routine to build a well-rounded lifestyle. Here’s more about our Lumen review.

Using Lumen

When we first started using our Lumen, it was super simple to get the app set up and customized to our activity level, diet, sleep regime…etc.

From there, Lumen works to understand your metabolism by having you breathe through the device three times. This is how Lumen measures the CO2 in your breath. By that measurement, it rates where your metabolism is on a scale of 1-5. A rating of 1 means you’re burning more fat with lower amounts of CO2 in your breath. A rating of 5 means there is a higher amount of CO2 and therefore means you’re burning more carbs.

If you do that every morning, Lumen will then give you the macros you need to hit to stay on track. Plus, it has amazingly helpful content to help you stay focused.

Lumen Review Hack Your Metabolism

Note: It can be frustrating the first few times using the device because it’s all about having a slow steady breathing rate. If you’re too fast or too slow you will have to try it again, but stick with it. It gets easier and becomes natural.

It’s a very intuitive platform that can help track your performance over time. It’s actually like a game, with the competitive juices kicking in to help you lower your Lumen score and see some incredible results.

We used the device for over a month and lost 7 pounds (during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders). It simply put the idea in our mind that we need to be conscious of what we were eating. It also takes time to build a flexible metabolism, so with that in mind, you don’t want to blow it on a bad day.

It’s a great tool to help you become more cognoscente of what you’re eating and how many carbs or fats you’re crushing.


In this Lumen review, you can see that we were fans. We think this device can help you reach your goals and stay on a healthy diet and lifestyle regime.

If you’re looking for something to help you be more conscious of what you’re eating, Lumen is definitely something you want to check out to hack your metabolism.

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Lumen Review: Hack Your Metabolism