How to Start Exercising Again After Your Vacation?

how to start exercising again

Get Back Into Exercise Now

Vacation /holidays are awesome, but sometimes we get out of our fitness routine! Are you ready to get back into exercise after a long holiday? Well, it’s time to get back on track and get back into exercise starting today!

Are you ready to get back into exercise?

Traveling may be your only option to take a break and get away from your day-to-day activities.

But as fun and exciting as traveling can be, it can also really put a damper on your workout routine. If you’ve recently taken a long trip and you may be wondering how you can get back into exercising.

Even if you weren’t on vacation, but you just fell out of the habit of exercise, it’s important that you motivate yourself to work out again. It’s tough to start after a really long break, but it’s definitely possible. Check out this list of ways to get back into working out.

Check out this list of ways to get back into working out.

Get Back Into Exercise BeachFigure out the problem

The first thing you need to do when you want to get back into working out is figuring out why you stopped in the first place. You might have stopped because there were no opportunities to exercise while you were traveling, or maybe you were recovering from an injury.

It’s also possible that you were bored with your workouts or you just weren’t seeing the results you wanted. Find the problem and figure out a way to not run into it again.

Form a Habit

Once working out becomes a habit, you will start doing it regularly, without even thinking about it. Since exercising is good for you, you want it to be a habit. The first thing you should do is set a goal. Then work toward that goal every day.

Pretty soon exercising will be part of your routine. While good habits are beneficial, your habit might become an addiction.

So be careful, because it is possible to be addicted to working out and that isn’t good for you at all!

Make it fun

If you want to get back into the habit of exercising, make it fun for yourself. Choose workouts that you really love doing. Pick a fun exercise class and sign up for it at your local gym.

It’s a great place to meet friends who can keep you accountable!

Start Slowly

Slow doesn’t mean sporadic – especially when you are trying to get back into exercise. Make exercise a regular part of your routine and do it daily, but don’t start off too big. If you haven’t jogged in two months, don’t start off with a ten-mile run. Take it slow and start with small chunks of running time.

The same thing goes for weights. You will eventually catch up to where you want to be, but don’t put your health at risk.

Get Back Into ExerciseRelieve Stress

Unfortunately, most people relieve stress in ways that aren’t healthy. Smoking, overeating, drinking alcohol, or binge-watching TV shows is not the way you should relieve stress. Instead, whenever you feel stressed, work out. Go for a run, take a hike, or pop in a favorite exercise DVD.

Reward Yourself

The best thing about working out is the rewarding feeling you get when you’re done. You will never finish a workout and regret it. The problem is motivating yourself to actually start.

Again, set some small goals and pick a reward for yourself each time you reach those goals. It could be something small like a favorite dessert or a manicure. If you reach huge fitness goals, try to reward yourself in a big way, like a weekend away.

Put it on your Schedule

This is one of the best ways to get back into exercise!

If you don’t see it on your calendar you’ll never get to it. So whether you’re a pen and paper type of person, or you schedule everything on your phone, be sure to figure in a time to work out.

Set an alarm or write down a certain time, but make sure you treat it like an engagement you would never miss.

Get Back Into Exercise Bike (1)Don’t be too hard on yourself

Lastly, never be too hard on yourself. If you were a great athlete before you took a long break from working out, it will take some time to get back to that place. Just take your time and ask others to encourage you.

Look for people who will support you and your goals. Don’t get down on yourself when you choose an easier workout instead of your normal hour of cardio.

Fifteen minutes of hard work is better than nothing.


So are you ready to get back into exercise?

Well then start by exercising because it’s good for you! If you have a great motivation, you’ll stick with it.

What works for you when you are getting out of an exercise rut?

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