Weekend Workout Warrior

Weekend workout warrior

Are You a Weekend Workout Warrior?

We strive so hard to be perfect with our fitness and nutrition regime during the week, but as soon as the weekend hits, that pretty much goes out the window. Not having a routine during that weekend can sidetrack many of us from reaching our fitness goals. We have to hunker down and punch the weekend in the mouth to achieve our goals. Here are some helpful weekend workout warrior tips to get you through weekend temptations.

From a weekend workout to staying active

Have some go-to weekend meals made before Friday

Like batching your food out for the entire work week…

Have a few go-to meals already prepared for the weekend in case you are bored or hungry and need a quick, healthy, tasty bite!

Schedule a workout during the weekend

Weekend Workout WarriorBecause you should have more time during the weekend, schedule a workout. These can be some of the best workouts you will get because you can put the time in and really bust your butt at the gym or at home.

Adjust your nutrition plan accordingly

Be realistic when it comes to the weekend. You know you are going to cheat your nutrition regime a little and that’s okay! You need to enjoy your weekends, just don’t go overboard!

Make sure to stay active

If you can’t make it to the gym for a weekend workout, make sure to stay active during the weekend (aka leave that couch for at least an hour or two). Get your kids outside for a pick-up game of touch football, rake leaves, work on that honey-do list…etc.

Get up and sweat a little bit.

Watch the alcohol

After hiking with the dog the blood is pumping and the sweat is rolling, a cold drink would taste pretty good right? Well because alcohol has so many calories and sugars you need to drink in moderation. These are just empty, wasted calories that definitely add to your waistline.

Don’t forget your protein

Having a couple of protein shakes during the weekend can be great for a quick snack during the weekend or even a meal replacement (along with some fruit) if you are super busy.

Weekend Workout Warrior

Don’t forget the water

Stay hydrated all weekend, it’s easy to get out of the routine of drinking your 8 glasses a day (or whatever rule you follow) but stay with it.

Relax, recharge, reboot

This might be the most important rule out of all of these… relax and get some sleep!

If you don’t relax and make living healthy not only bearable but fun then there is no way you will stick with the nutrition or exercise regime!

Stay healthy, mentally and physically (and yes, those are pillow pets) you weekend workout warrior!

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Weekend Workout Warrior