Working from Home: 5 Reasons to Get an Elliptical Trainer

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Adding Movement to Your At-Home Work Day

Remote work is a fast-growing segment of employment as both company owners and staff realize the many benefits like lower expenses, higher productivity, etc. However, it also has its drawbacks—specifically, working from home can lead to working longer hours due to difficulty finding work-life balance, and the lack of separation between work and home leaves you glued to the computer rather than enjoying some physical activity.

If you’re trying to find some balance and want to work on strengthening both physical and mental muscles, read on.

Why an Elliptical Might Be the Key to Your Success

Total-Body Workout

Every gym has an elliptical trainer. And most people think of it as a mindless, boring workout… but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that an elliptical workout raises your heart rate, making it great cardio, while also working out most of the muscles in your body at the same time (arms and legs working almost in unison).

If not done properly, however, it can be too easy and not give you all the benefits. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t slouch against the handrails—this leads you to believe you’re burning more calories than you actually are, which will fool you into thinking you’re working out harder than you really are.
  • Stay focused on the workout. Put down your phone, iPad, etc., and focus on your workout to ensure you maintain proper posture and balance. Only then can you expect positive results and maximum enjoyment.
  • Don’t repeat the same routine. Ellipticals allow you to change variables such as resistance, stride rate, and elevation, so you can change up your workout from day today.

Mimics Different Types of Activities in the Comfort of Your Own HomeWorking from Home 5 Reasons to Get an Elliptical Trainer

If the Stairmaster and treadmill had a baby, it would be the elliptical trainer. This piece of equipment allows you to do a variety of activities (running, walking, jogging, and climbing) at different intensity levels based on the variables you set.

It’s easier on your hips, knees, and ankles due to the smooth, repetitive motions compared to the jarring beating those joints take as your feet slam down on the pavement when you jog or run outdoors.

The low-impact nature of this workout makes it easy to do even if you’ve never worked out before or are overweight.

Additionally, an elliptical trainer allows you to fit in a workout regardless of other circumstances. Waiting on a business call? Thunderstorms all day? You can still hop on the elliptical trainer and get a workout in.

Helps Improve Your Mental Health and Boost Creativity

In general, physical activity will help your brain work better. But studies have shown that the hippocampus grows from aerobic activity and that working out can boost memory and improve concentration. It can also build better mental health and increase creativity.

If you’re not able to find a solution to a problem, it might be that you’re missing some information; but if you’re unable to change perspective or find alternate solutions, a quick workout session may get the blood pumping in your brain and shake loose some new ideas.

Helps You Lose Weight

For all the progress humanity has made with technology, education, and more, physical activity has declined. Cars and public transportation are a huge part of our day. Everything that you eat contributes to weight gain, and as much as you enjoy working from home, you likely eat most of your meals sitting in front of your computer. That’s also how you probably spend most of the rest of your waking hours.

An elliptical trainer is something anyone can own and use, regardless of their current weight or activity level. It also makes it easier for you to work out—you can work out before or after work, or even just a few minutes here and there throughout the day. Raising your heart rate through a cardiovascular activity even for twenty minutes per day can help you lose weight.

You Can Multitask

One of the first tips given in this article is to focus on your workout and put down the phone. Ideally, you’ll separate your workout space from your workspace. But sometimes you’ve gotta multitask.

The great thing about an elliptical is that you can multitask easier than you can with other types of cardio.

You can focus the workout be more on your legs and do some reading. If you want to do more total-body, go hands-free: take a conference call or listen to a relevant podcast or audiobook.

You can also incorporate the elliptical into a productivity plan, such as working for 55 minutes, then spending five minutes on the elliptical every hour. This fits in a workout, keeps you productive, and allows you to fully focus on what you’re doing for every minute of the hour.


If you want to avoid a gym membership fee and can only afford one piece of equipment for a home gym, an elliptical trainer is a way to go. It will help you lose weight, be more active, and get the creative juices flowing. You can work from home and still remain active.

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Working from Home: 5 Reasons to Get an Elliptical Trainer