Your Full Body Workout: Crush Calories Anywhere


Your Next Favorite Body Workout

From the creator of the online exercise portal TF IGNITE (check it out, it’s awesome) comes this simple, yet effective full body workout to crush calories! Give this workout a try and experience how it will keep you coming back for more!

Are you ready to do this? Let’s warm-up

[Make sure you are cleared by your physician before beginning any exercise program.]


  • Jump Jacks – (20x)
  • Lateral Side to Side Skaters – (20x)
  • Walk Out to Plank – (10x)
  • Mountain Climbers – (20x)
  • Plank Jacks – (20x)

Burpee Push Ups

Your Full Body Workout: Crush Calories Anywhere

Start with legs hip distance apart.  As you inhale place your hands down directly underneath your shoulders and as you exhale shoot your legs back into one long plank position. Inhale lower your body down into a push up.  Exhale to extend the arms and inhale jump the legs back in to a deep squat.  Exhale explode and jump in the air to land softly toe, ball, heel, back into your squat position.  (Repeat 10 times)

Back Lunge to Step Hop

Start in a single leg lunge position with your knees bent in a 90 degree angle.  As you exhale push off the front leg transferring your weight forward and hop pulling your back leg up to your opposite knee.  Then swing it back to land into your single leg lunge again. (Repeat same side 10 times then switch legs)

Lateral Side to Side Skaters

Your Full Body Workout: Crush Calories Anywhere

Start by standing straight. Then balance on your left leg. Jump out to the right-hand side landing on your right leg. Next, as you land, kick your left leg behind you. Repeat on the other side. This will essentially look like you are ice skating. (Repeat 20 times)


Start with your spine in an imprinted position with your legs held up in tabletop position and your hands resting gently behind your head.  As you exhale rotate to the bent knee while simultaneously extending the opposite leg. (Repeat 20 times)

Jumping Jacks

Your Full Body Workout: Crush Calories Anywhere

We’ve all preformed this go-to cardio exercise at some point in our lives! It’s a great way to work your muscles and improve your cardiovascular health. Basically, jump while raising arms and separating legs to sides. Next, land on your forefoot with legs apart and arms stretched overhead. Finally, jump again while lower arms and returning to the starting position. (Repeat 30 times)

Tricep Dips

Start in your crab stance with your hips extended towards the ceiling and the arms directly in line with your shoulders.  Bend the elbows back as you lower your body down towards the floor and as you exhale straighten your elbows.  (Repeat 20 times)

Repeat this set 3 times – or more if you really want to push yourself!


Seem like a great body workout you can do anywhere? It really is!

It’s all about pushing yourself to the max, taking yourself to someplace you’ve never been before, and reaping the ultimate rewards! Are you ready? Well then get started with this full body workout!

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Your Full Body Workout: Crush Calories Anywhere