5 Silly Excuses For Being Late To Work

excuses for being late to work

Start Running Today

It’s a sad fact that a lot of people don’t see the benefits of running. For one, studies have shown that running at least minutes a day can already prolong life for a number of years. If you need more reasons to start running then keep reading!

It’s time to drop the excuses…

One benefit of running that some people fail to see include achieving a runner’s high, improving brain function, better sleep, and lower incidence of diseases such as stroke and diabetes.

Despite these remarkable advantages, some people find it difficult to start a regular running routine.

There are many reasons – or excuses, to be more exact – that people use to beg off running, some of which include the following:

5 Silly Excuses People Use to Delay RunningNot an early bird

One of the first misconceptions of running and exercise is that you need to wake up early to work out. Who says you can’t run in the afternoon or early evening? There is no rule that restricts the time of day that you should run.

You need to find the most appropriate time wherein your focus would only be on your run and nothing more. Some people might be more comfortable starting early in the morning prior to going to work so that they can have the energy to face the day’s battle. On the other hand, there are also those who enjoy doing their late afternoon runs after they come from work.

Weather issues

It may sound convenient to make the weather condition as an excuse for not running. Even if this were true, you don’t have to go outdoors to engage in running.

Although it’s not advisable to run outside during a rainy day, there are some other ways to still get more out of running, by using a treadmill. This indoor equipment can be very useful because you can adjust the program depending on the speed and inclination, and you don’t have to worry about the outside elements hindering your workout.

In case you’re planning to run on a day when it’s expected to rain, you may prepare water-resistant gear to protect you from getting wet.

No running shoes

This excuse has a really simple solution: buy them! However, before you go scrambling to the nearest store to purchase a pair, start by searching for running shoe reviews. From there, you can have a better understanding of the importance of using the right kind of running shoes.

If you’re hesitant to buy a new pair of running shoes because of their price, think of it as a worthwhile investment in something that can help you improve your health. Another option is to ask other runners if they have old running shoes that they can lend you.

Too old to exercise

When you were younger, you might not have had time to exercise or run because of work and family commitments, but doing exercise really doesn’t require a specific age. In fact, people beyond the age of 40 are the ones who need more exercise than younger runners.

Exercise at an old age requires living a healthier lifestyle. This can be achieved by consuming food with sufficient nutrition, regulating alcohol intake, quitting smoking, and avoiding late-night parties. Once you get rid of all the unhealthy things in your life, regardless of your age, you can still see a significant change.

Speaking of eating, there really is a need to start cooking up healthier food. In this day and age, you have several options to take when it comes to healthy cooking. Many of the recipes on websites and social media sites are applicable for just about any age group.

5 Silly Excuses People Use to Delay RunningYour exercise buddy is on vacation

Going solo in an exercise routine can be a bore, and so the best way to beat boredom is to call a friend. However, a sudden absence of your exercise buddy should not be a reason for you to not go out and do your daily runs.

Relying on the presence of an exercise partner won’t really do you any good in terms of sustaining a workout regimen. You have to find a way to motivate yourself to run, even without someone to accompany you.

Try to find other sources of motivation to help you sustain your running routine. Some good strategies include listening to music while running or talking with someone over the phone. Another effective method is to switch up your running routines, which may involve the following:

  • Changing your running routes
  • Increasing running intensity and/or running time
  • Inserting other exercise routines in between laps (examples include some pushups or a solid plank)


All of the things discussed above point to one thing: no excuse is good enough to delay running.

This physical activity brings with it a lot of benefits, and it’s really a missed opportunity to use these silly alibis and beg off from running. As they say, if there’s a will, there’s away.

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5 Silly Excuses For Being Late To Work