8 Ideal Pre-Workout Foods You Can’t Do Without

8 Ideal Pre-Workout Foods You Can't Do Without

Ideal Pre-Workout Foods

Your pre-workout meal can make or break your workout… From steel-cut oats to bananas to Greek yogurt, we dig into some of the best pre-workout foods out there!

Pre-workout foods to help you crush your workout

First things first, you shouldn’t exercise on an empty stomach…

We all need an optimal level of blood sugar to power us through those tough workouts!

This not only provides you the energy you need but also prevents your body from turning muscle into energy as well… Obviously, you want the right pre-workout food before hitting the home gym.

Check out the list below. Remember to eat them half an hour prior to working out.

1. Steel Cut Oats

Oats are workout-friendly as they keep releasing energy throughout the workout. Oats contain Vitamin B which converts carbohydrates into energy. When combined with fresh fruits, this turns into one of the best pre-workout foods!

8 Ideal Pre-Workout Foods You Can't Do WithoutWhile fruits keep you hydrated, oats gradually release sugar into the bloodstream. Have them 30 minutes before hitting the gym.

2. Omelet with Veggies

Being one of the richest sources of protein and amino acids, eggs help in recovering from muscle loss and also play a vital role in muscle growth. Adding seasonal vegetables to it makes it more appetizing.

These add nutrients to the blood faster.

3. Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanut butter has earned the reputation of a super sports food. Eat it with white bread. The reason is to combine a fast-acting carb to aid protein present in peanut butter to get assimilated into your body faster.

It provides just the apt amount of energy needed by the body to carry out the workout. Add banana slices to preserve potassium, which is lost by the muscles during working out.

And don’t forget to add cinnamon to stabilize your blood sugar.

4. Greek Yogurt and Trail mix

Greek yogurt is just the right example of what a pre-workout food should be. Greek yogurt has double the number of proteins and half the amount of carbs as compared to a normal yogurt we eat.

Add dried or fresh fruits of your choice. Or make a trail mix. Just make sure what you add is the right combination to provide your body with the protein and energy needed to carry out a workout. You won’t regret doing this. Dried fruits contain healthy sugars and boost up energy levels like no else.

Nuts and seeds check the insulin levels and do not allow them to drop when working out. But seeds and nuts are high in fat, they should be eaten in moderation.

5. Bananas

They are wholesome and completely satisfying. Bananas fuel your body with just the right amount of carbohydrates that can be digested easily.

The potassium content present in them is what your muscles need for their maintenance during and post-workout. Remember a body doesn’t store bananas for long, so a medium-sized banana is sufficient.

You can have it with a ½ cup of yogurt 30 minutes prior to the workout. This combo is a perfect fuel supplier of protein and carbohydrates. It is presumed to provide more energy than caffeine.

6. Fruits with Cottage Cheese

With zero lactose, cottage cheese is the best source of protein. Combine it with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins of fruits like melons and blueberries.

For an extra punch of energy, eat a banana. It will give you endurance for a longer period of time. One can easily digest it and is a perfect food for your body before moving on to your home gym.

8 Ideal Pre-Workout Foods You Can't Do Without7. Grilled Chicken Breast

You might wonder if chicken breasts are the right food to have just before a workout.

Leave no doubt in your mind, it is not only good but really good. This food choice will provide lean proteins and carbohydrates needed by your body to perform optimally. Adding antioxidant-rich foods like seasonal vegetables and sweet potatoes adds vitamins and minerals to your food.

Adding the best bodybuilding supplements for muscle growth is another means of pouring the essential nutrients into the body.

8. Homemade Protein Bars

One may sideline it for being a snack, but it isn’t. It is considered as a complete food in itself.

Just make sure you make them with high-quality protein like whey isolates or hydrolyzed whey with very little sugar. Energy bars with higher carbohydrates in them are a good option.

Natural bars made with whole food ingredients are also considered to be good. An excellent example of homemade protein bars is coconut-vanilla-whey protein bars.


I hope you have ample yummy ideas to satiate your tummy and prepare your body for a fulfilling, energetic workout!

It all starts with the ideal pre-workout foods! Eat up!

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8 Ideal Pre-Workout Foods You Can\'t Do Without