8 Ways on “How To Find Time To Workout On A Busy Schedule”

Busy Schedule? Try these tips

Busy schedule have you feeling sluggish? Wondering how to get back on track? Check out these simple tips to help you stay in shape while still dealing with your busy schedule. Sounds easy, right?

Simple fitness tips for our busy schedule

Everybody knows you need a proper diet and exercise to keep on the top of your game.

Chances are, you’ve got the diet part down pat. After all, how hard it is to buy turkey instead of beef, or to pick up vegetables instead of chips?

However, when it comes to exercise, you are probably falling all over yourself explaining how you can’t find the time out of your busy schedule to go to the gym. Don’t deny it. It is the most common excuse people have for not exercising.

8 Ways to Find Time for Fitness With a Busy ScheduleThe thing is, that is not really true. You only need to take 20 minutes, three times a week to get a good dose of exercise, and it is unlikely that you don’t have that much time for your health. The alternative is multiple visits to doctors, maybe even a hospital, and that will certainly take more time than 20 minutes a day, three times a week.

Clinical psychologist Lavinia Rodriguez has a more convincing explanation, “Typically, it’s lack of motivation, lack of enjoyment, negative associations, fear or maybe low self-esteem.”

Given that lack of time is not the real issue, here are 8 ways to find time for fitness with a busy schedule.

1. Walk when you can

The strange thing about some people is the drive to the gym, and then spend 20 minutes on a treadmill. Instead of taking your car, walk or jog to the gym, and cut your gym time by 20 minutes.

You can also park as far from the entrance of the mall or supermarket as you can and get in a 5-minute walk.

You can squeeze in walking time in a dozen ways. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Walk your dog (or just take a walk if you don’t have a dog) in the morning before going to work, and/or after dinner in the evening before sitting in front of the television.

Exercise physiology expert Marta Montenegro says, “…analyze your lifestyle and personality to find a routine that suits you.

2. Multi-task at work

While multi-tasking is a no-no when it comes to working, you can make an exception when it comes to exercise.

You can squeeze in stretching exercises, sit-ups, even crunches while at work. Get up every hour or so and get in at least 10 reps of something.  Watch a video on isometric and breathing exercises that you can do while actually sitting at your desk.

You can always level up if you want. Physical-training specialist and author Mark Lauren says, “One hard set of 12 or fewer reps won’t make most people sweat if they’re in an air-conditioned building, but it will be enough to make a difference if done several times throughout each day.

Doing exercise while you’re working can actually make you more productive because exercise increases your blood flow, which makes you more alert. The bonus is you actually feel happier because physical activity releases serotonin, the so-called “happy” hormone.

Some forward-looking companies understand the implications and actually encourage employees to get some exercise while at the workplace by providing them gym facilities. If you happen to work with such a company, take full advantage.

3. Use your media time

Despite what you want to believe, you actually spend a lot of time watching television, browsing your social networks, and playing online or console games.

There is nothing wrong with relaxing, but you may want to think about sneaking in some exercise time as well.

Do you know those infomercials showing people using their Thigh Masters in front of the television? That actually works. Invest in one of those or other exercise gizmos you can use sitting down if you want, but anything you can do while sitting down help.

Make the most of your media time, and you can keep exercise part of your “me” time. Tennis champ Chris Evert says, Evert, “I do some yoga while catching the morning news on TV.

4. Turn chore time into exercise time

Another way you can sneak in exercise in your busy schedule is to use your chores to get your blood running. Use your laundry baskets as a kettlebell, or polish the floor without using a machine. Dance the Zumba (a great cardio dance workout) while making the beds or picking up after your kids.

EduGeeksClub writer Jill Harper says, “The only time I actually get up from my chair is to cook dinner. I turn on my dance music really loud and dance as I cut the carrots. I get quite sweat going in 30 minutes of moving to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

5. Make it part of your schedule

If you prefer the gym, put it in your schedule or find a quick fitness plan online. Find the best time for it and block it off on your calendar. Make it a repeat event on your phone and set reminders.

Trainer and fitness expert Sara Haley suggests. “Exercising first thing in the morning will ensure you fit it in.” Setting time block conditions your brain to be ready for some heavy lifting, so it won’t seem such a hassle.

8 Ways to Find Time for Fitness With a Busy Schedule Sleep6. Get enough sleep

You need the energy to exercise, and for that, you need adequate sleep.

Falling asleep while watching TV or checking work emails before going to sleep increases your stress levels just when you want it down. This can affect your quality of sleep.

Personal trainer Emily Schromm says, “When we don’t sleep well, we don’t recover as well, and over time that will really stress our bodies. Stress can come in many forms, but usually, fitness or weight loss plateaus are the most common! Turn off the TV and stop checking emails at least 30-45 minutes before you start falling asleep for less stress and better recovery.

In other words, exercise is not enough to rejuvenate your body. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will not reap the benefits of exercise, and this can kill your motivation to exercise. Get enough sleep, and you will feel you are getting somewhere with your exercise.

7. Find a partner

You probably have a spouse, significant other, friend, family member, or co-worker that is in the same dilemma as you.

Agree to work out together to keep you motivated. Having someone to exercise with makes it more enjoyable, and you can turn it into a social event. You can get excited about it when someone is there to cheer you on. Activity advocate Richard Simmons says, “Because, when you’re excited about something, you find time to do it.

8. Join a class

On the other hand, you can make new friends by signing up for a class.

Self-defense classes serve more than one function, but if you like dance better, that is also good. Yoga is also very popular nowadays, and you can use the moves you learn anywhere you are. Another alternative is to join a hiking or mountain climbing club. All of these can work, depending on what you like to do.


Strive to change your attitude about exercise to motivate you to keep doing it.

Keeping fit doesn’t have to be a drag on your lifestyle.

You can always find time to exercise if you put your mind to it.

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