At-Home Workouts For Women: No Equipment Needed

home workouts for women

At-home Exercises for Women

No matter what your activity level is, an at-home exercise routine that requires little to no equipment is a great addition to your day.

At-home exercises for women that don’t require equipment

According to Nazarian Plastic Surgery – Labiaplasty Beverly Hills, women recovering from procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, or labiaplasty, can maintain the shape and health of their bodies without insecurity or self-consciousness by working out at home.

Always consult your doctor before implementing any type of fitness program. With your doctor’s clearance, these at-home exercises for women can help you improve your health.

1. Cardio: Stairs, Jumping Jacks, and Walking

Cardiovascular exercises aren’t only good to strengthen your heart, but they are an excellent activity to burn fat. Cardio is one of the easiest activities to do at home as it requires nothing but willpower.

If you have access to stairs, they are a great option to simultaneously raise your heart rate and tone your glutes. Even a brisk walk around the neighborhood will do your heart and body good.

At-Home Exercises for WomenJumping jacks and jump rope are also great explosive movements to get your muscles activated and your heart pumping.

2. Core: Planks

Strengthening your core is important for the stability of your body for daily functions such as standing, walking, and sitting upright, but it also will benefit you as you continue your fitness journey into a toned midsection and the capabilities to eventually lift progressively heavier weights.

Planks are a great exercise that works your core. Bowflex released a great guide on how to plank.

3. Legs: Lunge Variations and Air Squats

Women’s legs are naturally the strongest muscles in the body, so at-home leg exercises are great for women’s fitness regime. Lunge variations work different muscles in the legs and are a great muscle builder, and they only require a little open space to perform.

Walking lunges, side lunges, curtsy lunges, and backward lunges all work the legs to build a strong base for your other movements or your cardio stamina. Air squats are also a great booty-building workout that does not require the barbell at home.

To increase the difficulty, you can always add in a resistance band or add an explosive movement and perform a jump squat to amp up your heart rate.

4. Resistance Bands: Clams and Crab Walks

Resistance bands are affordable and easily make exercises harder. They make targeting the “side butt” muscles, a. k. a., gluteus medius, and minimus, a breeze. Clams and crab walks are great exercises where you can use this tool to add levels of difficulty as you get stronger.

You can also use resistance bands for squats and hip thrusts to add more challenge to your glute exercises.

5. Push-ups

Often neglected, push-ups are a good exercise for women. Strengthening the muscles behind the breasts make your chest look fuller while making your trunk more supportive.

Women who have undergone breast reduction or implant procedures should ask their doctors before performing this exercise to ensure continued breast health. While women’s natural strength is in the legs, building the upper body strength is important for an overall balanced and toned body.

6. Dips

Lots of women feel self-conscious of their arms, especially the back area referred to as “bat wings.” Dips are great at targeting this area, and this exercise can be performed on a chair or bench easily within your own home.

Using your bodyweight, dips will help create sleek, defined arms.

7. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

As mentioned, cardio is one of the best ways to keep your body lean. HIIT workouts are a great option if you are easily bored and offer many of the same benefits as long-form cardio.

HIIT is a mixture of cardio activities ranging from jumping jacks, sprints, high knees, and mountain climbers paired with different levels of intensity as well as other exercises such as burpees, sit-ups, and kettlebell swings.

Physical maintenance requires consistency, and even if you are happy with the state of your body, it is important to continually train to keep body fat at a healthy level.


Whether you are recovering from a procedure, getting back into fitness, or continuing your active journey, your hard-earned results are a byproduct of small daily activities and intentional exercises.

What at-home exercises did you resort to after surgery? Did it help tone your body? Comment below and tell us your story.

At-Home Workouts For Women: No Equipment Needed