Does Running Make Your Butt Bigger?

does running make your butt bigger

Does Running Give You a Bubble Butt?

If you are hoping to get a shapely rear, there is a chance that you may be wondering if running will help you achieve that goal. In order to determine if running will give you a bubble butt, we need to find out what happens to our glute muscles when we run. Then, we will answer the following question: “Does running make your butt bigger?” After that, we will proceed with a few ideas on how to make your butt bigger while incorporating running into your routine.

Will running give you a bubble butt?

First, running is a great exercise because it allows you to use nearly every muscle in your legs. Therefore, when you run, you use your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, core, and a large number of smaller muscles. If you want to know, “does running make your butt bigger?”, you will need to understand the impact that running has on your glute muscles. This is because the glute muscles are what make up your butt.

Since you use your glutes for running, you would think that running for sure will give you a bubble butt. However, that’s not always the case.

Whether running makes your butt bigger or smaller will depend on the kind of running you do, as well as what other exercises you do along with running.

There are two basic types of running, which are endurance running and short distance running. Your butt will get bigger or smaller depending on how you run and for how long.

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Long Distance Running vs. Sprint Training

Let’s start with long-distance, or endurance running. Long-distance running will help burn fat all over the body, but it will not make your butt bigger. However, it will help reduce the amount of fat you have on your body, as well as on your butt, which will in turn make your butt look more toned.

Can Running Give You a Bubble ButtHowever, if you are looking to grow your booty, you will need to do sprints and hills. In fact, sprinting uphill is one of the best ways to overload your glutes without having to invest in any type of extra training equipment.

Compared to slow running on flat roads, uphill sprints significantly increase the demand for your glutes, making them bigger and stronger.

The reason why your glutes have to work harder to go uphills is that you have to lift your body weight up an incline, which provides natural resistance.

Hill Sprints Work

In order to get the most benefit from your hill sprints, you will need to find an incline that’s at about a 10% grade and roughly 200-250 ft in length. Without a doubt, this will be very challenging. Sprint uphill as fast as you can while focusing on engaging your glutes. Then, once you get to the top of the hill, turn around and walk down.

The reason why you should be walking down the hill is to minimize the impact on your knees. Additionally, if you walk down the hill after a hard uphill sprint, you will be more recovered for the next repetition.

Ideally, you want to start with four or five hill repeats and then work your way up as your glutes and your body adapt to the training. Similar to hill sprints, running up and down the stairs is also a great way to sculpt your glutes.

If you are looking for a different way to challenge your glutes, try running with ankle weights or a weighted vest. Adding such resistance will also demand more of your glutes. However, it’s very important to be cautious when running with ankle weights or a weighted vest.

If your running form is not proper, your risk of injury will definitely increase. In addition to putting more pressure on your glutes, running with extra weight can also put more pressure on your joints, unfortunately. If you have no previous joint issues and your running form is good, then the ankle weights or a weighted vest will add the resistance you need in order to help make your butt bigger.

Another way to add resistance to your run is to run with a parachute. Again, running with a parachute will force your glutes to work harder in order to propel you forward. Start out with six 50-150 ft sprints on the track with a parachute. Focus on engaging your glutes with each stride. Take 20-30 seconds between each repetition.


Long distance running at a slow pace will not make your butt bigger.

However, hill sprints, running with a parachute as well as running with ankle weights or a weighted vest will help make your butt bigger. Additionally, running up and down the stairs will also help increase the size of your glutes.

For best results, combine sprint training and resistance running with weight training.

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Does Running Make Your Butt Bigger?