How to Make Chores Fun

how to make chores fun

Exercise Can Be a Pleasure! (We Swear)

Let’s admit it. Not everyone is a fitness geek. Dripping sweat, especially in the cozy hours of the morning, just to burn the unwanted calories you had no problem taking in is not what each of us is looking forward to. Unless, of course, you see the immediate results—which isn’t the case.

But there’s still hope for everyone to get back on the healthy track, and the hope comes with pleasure. Follow these 9 interesting steps and you will no longer see exercising as a chore.

9 Tips to Turn Exercise from a Chore into a Pleasure

1. Pair Up!

There’s no motivation better than pairing up with your favorite person to hit the gym. Not only will they drag you there when you feel too lazy to leave the bed, but they also make working out seem a lot of fun. What’s more, you could even take your relationship to a whole new level!

2. Introduce a Reward System

If you have watched or read Diary of a Wimpy Kid, then ‘Mom Bucks’ is a term you’d be familiar with. The mom in the show uses Mom Bucks to reward her children, and it could be used in real life quite effectively as well.

According to the fitness guru Sloane Davis of Pancakes and Push Ups, tossing in a couple of dollars after every successful workout and treating yourself to something big when the jar fills out is a great way to get started.

3. Make it a Daily Habit

Have you ever wondered why brushing your teeth doesn’t feel like a chore? You could do it even with your eyes closed, and it requires no willpower at all. This is because it has turned into a habit, and habits require no conscious thought.

While it might not particularly sound like a pleasure, turning your excise routine into a habit will certainly make it stop feeling like a chore.

4. Exercise Without Exercising

Sometimes our brain can be as stubborn as a mule. If it doesn’t like a particular type of exercise, it could possibly never co-operate with us to do it. If that is the case, fool your brain into exercising.

Convert Exercise from a Chore to a PleasureFor starters, set your online stores aside and go old-school shopping to burn about 175 calories, or do yoga to burn nearly 230 calories every hour. Even taking up gardening as a hobby will help you burn a lot of calories. Your brain wouldn’t even know what you are up to while having some fun!

5. Workout Apps Are Fun!

The best part about workout apps is that, even if you forget your scheduled workout session, they wouldn’t! They are designed to come up with new and exciting updates that help you stay focused.

For example, Seven is a seven-minute workout app that provides a customized, effective plan to burn calories in just seven minutes. RockMyRun is another fun app that matches the tempo of the music to the exercise in such a way that you will be motivated to keep going.

6. Get Fit While Sitting on the Toilet

Going to the toilet is an inevitable part of our daily lives. Why not make it a little bit more productive as you sit and think about bringing your life together?

Start by extending and folding your arms or legs about 50 to 100 times. You can also swing your arms backward and forward about 20 times. Are you really doing anything better with your time? Here are some of the best toilets you could buy.

7. Watch Fitness Videos

Most of us are professionals at procrastinating. Nothing could trigger our motivation better than some really cool videos. Certain channels know exactly what they’re doing, for they press just the right buttons in our brains to keep going.

Start by subscribing to YouTube channels such as FitnessBlender and Jessica Smith TV, watch documentaries on real-life workout transformations, and thank us later when you succeed!

8. Play a Sport

There has to be at least one sport you’d like, even if you don’t consider yourself sporty. You don’t have to be a professional at the sport you are preparing to try, either. All you would ever need is the right amount of enthusiasm to turn it into a fun-filled fitness session.

To make the most out of it, join a league in your area and meet new people who would help you bring out your hidden capabilities.

9. Splurge a Little on a Bicycle

How long has it been since you rode a bicycle? I bet you haven’t set eyes on one since childhood. Perhaps it’s time to break the norm and seriously consider cycling around.

Cycling to work could be too much to ask for, especially if the journey is long. However, you can replace your leisurely journeys with a bicycle, knock out two birds with one stone! Be warned that the guaranteed health benefits and fun could actually tempt you to ditch your car for life!


Try any of these nine methods to make exercise more fun for you. It’ll keep you engaged in your fitness program so you don’t dread your workouts!