How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

how to motivate yourself to workout

Keeping Fit in the Fall

The fall is when the days get chillier, and it starts getting darker earlier. Both these characteristics, among others, make people less likely to start or maintain their exercise regimens. However, getting excited about staying active in the autumn is easier than it seems, especially when keeping the benefits in mind.

Staying Motivated in the Fall

Use the Season as a Transitionary Period

fall, exercise, motivation, fitness, activityThe shift from summer into fall represents a calendar-related change, but it can also trigger people to do away with poor fitness-related habits or even set new goals for themselves.

A runner who used unsupportive and worn-out training shoes during the warmer months of the year would do well to decide fall is a great time to shop for new workout shoes. Even better, go to a specialty store and have the footwear professionally fit for the best results.

Superior shoes tend to make people more comfortable as they push themselves hard and try to beat personal bests. If the footwear is extremely lightweight or has excellent traction, wearers may notice they feel less fatigued or more sure-footed. These perks could boost results, too.

As far as goal-setting goes, autumn helps people finish off the year strong. It provides ample opportunities to revisit previously set benchmarks and perhaps even think about trying a new kind of workout. Transition into better eating and exercise habits!

Keep the Holiday Season in Mind

Autumn also makes many people realize Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are just around the corner. Regardless of how they choose to celebrate, most individuals see those winter milestones as reasons to get together with friends and eat hearty portions of food — some of which are only available or typically prepared at the end of the year.

The holidays can also cause increased stress. Frazzled parents may engage in sleep-deprivation tactics as they try to be among the first shoppers in line at the toy store during Black Friday sales or take on a little too much by agreeing to cook large meals for out-of-town guests.

However, physical activity is a known stress reliever. It’s praised by doctors, personal trainers, and people who were previously so anxious they could hardly cope. Beginning or sticking to an exercise routine in the fall puts fitness enthusiasts on a path to feeling less anxious during the holidays.

Activity lowers anxiety and leads to noticeable results that make guests give warm compliments while arriving for holiday events.

Think of Indoor-Friendly Ways to Work Out

One of the great things about autumn is how it’s usually characterized by moderate weather. The heat and humidity common to summer days have passed; the frigidity of winter hasn’t arrived yet. Even so, some people may find it initially difficult to get used to the colder temperatures of fall.

If that’s you, start coming up with beneficial workout methods that are well-suited to the indoors. Yoga is one example of a new indoor exercise to start. It is good for both physical and mental health, plus uses minimal equipment. Using a rowing machine is another excellent option because it strengthens core muscles and makes individuals use their total bodies to complete the motions properly.

Exercise With Others

Going to the gym or a local running trail to work out alone can be daunting. However, the pleasant autumn weather makes it a fantastic season for getting on the move in the company of others. Enjoy a group run through a local park. Try a new hike with friends that is a little easier out of the summer heat.

Asking others to join you in the quest to get fit can help you be a role model in your community.

This kind of exercise can be a social activity for kids and pets, too. Taking the dog for a brisk walk with other canines might turn into a fun experiment for everyone. The same is true when getting kids interested in exercise. Because the fall features vibrantly colored leaves, a workout session could turn into a science lesson for youngsters eager to learn why the trees suddenly look different.

Warm Up Thoroughly

Nothing puts a damper on well-intentioned efforts to get in better shape faster than an injury. That’s why it’s so important to prime the muscles for what’s to come by carefully stretching them before a workout. It’s necessary to do that in any season, but if people aren’t in the habit of warming up before physical activity, the fall is a wonderful time to put that necessity into practice.


Autumn weather generally makes working out more appealing. Plus, it’s a season when people can get together and become more serious about getting fit, especially before the holidays arrive. For these reasons and others, fall offers many advantages to people who want to use the season as a motivator to become even more dedicated to fitness or make it a first-time priority.

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How To Motivate Yourself To Workout