Best Outdoor Workout Ideas: Who Likes to Exercise Outside?

outdoor workout ideas

Exercising In the Great Outdoors

Whether it’s solo or with a group of friends, getting out in the great outdoors and exercising can be a great way to stay active and healthy! Try these tips below the next time you hit the trail or the beach for some exercise!

Don’t like exercising outside? Use these tips

It’s glorious to exercise in the great outdoors – there’s nothing like the summer sunshine or the wind on your face to really spur you on. But then the rain comes or that much-longed-for British summer gets a bit too much, and it seems like working out outside can be trickier than expected.

To help you get into the swing of exercising beyond the confines of the gym – from dealing with dry skin to finding an outdoor activity that is right for you – here is a list of the advantages, along with some practical advice, to help you enjoy working out in the fresh air.

Finding the perfect location

First and foremost, nothing compares to getting fit outdoors when the environment is beautiful.

Think of running on the beach during an evening sunset or cycling through rolling hills! This kind of location can make even the toughest workout feel like a real treat.

Different exercisers will have different preferences, so start by trying a few varying locations – maybe some very rural, some more urban, one by the sea or high up. Work out in each place a few times and then decide which one is right for you.

Exercising in the sun

How to Enjoy Exercising in the Great OutdoorsBeing in a great location can be a good motivator for getting fit, but doing so in the sunshine can be even better. As anyone who has experienced Seasonal Affective Disorder will know, going without sunlight really saps your energy.

In contrast, the sun lifts spirits and with that, helps you keep going to achieve your goals. The important thing to remember when exercising in the sun is to be careful about its potential impact. I

f you’re somewhere particularly sunny, going out first thing in the morning or during the evening twilight can enable you to enjoy those rays without getting wiped out by the midday heat.

Always make sure you drink plenty of water, as you will be more likely to become dehydrated in hotter weather. And most importantly: protect your skin from the sun.

UV damage can cause redness, burning, dry skin, and long-term damage if you’re not careful!

Outdoors equipment

The great thing about being outside is that, unlike an expensive gym membership, it costs you absolutely nothing.

This means you can spend the cash you saved on some really good quality exercise gear. The runners out there will know the importance of buying well-fitting trainers, but even if you’re not a jogger, good footwear is a must – especially if you’ll be going across difficult terrain.

For those looking to replicate the gym environment in your local park, a few key pieces of kit can help you achieve this.

Get specialist advice from a sports equipment supplier store before you buy, but in general think core weights, a yoga mat for stretching, and then two to three extra items depending on your fitness goals.

And of course, don’t forget to get yourself a handy bag for those fitness essentials – include a deodorant for sweat, moisturizing lotion for dry skin, and plasters for blisters.

Organized activities

How to Enjoy Exercising in the Great OutdoorsAlthough you do not have to spend any money, another great thing about outdoor exercise is the fact that there are so many options available – some paid for, some for free. We usually associate fitness in the natural world with running or cycling, and while these are great, there is a whole world out there beyond them.

Think of any team sport you enjoy and you are likely to be able to find one that practices outdoors. If you are a fan of group exercising, go search for local classes that take place in the park.

Early morning yoga, tai chi, and military fitness groups are now all taking place outside in many cities. And don’t forget water-based activities! Swimming is a great way to exercise lots of different muscles at once and with a bit of effort, you can do it wild – in other words, in natural water.

While exhilarating and fun, wild swimming can be dangerous, so just make sure you join a local group and stay with experienced swimmers all the way.


So there you have it – outdoors exercise isn’t as tricky as many people think. But wherever you go, make sure to keep safe and well.

Protect yourself from dry skin and sunburn, stay safe in open waters, and always wear supportive shoes.

Whatever your location, you’re sure to reach those fitness goals soon with these outdoor activities!

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