How To Gain Muscle Fast?

how to gain muscle fast

Forget the Mythical Muscle Building Shortcuts…

We all want a toned body and this means building muscle (among other things). This can lead to trying muscle-building shortcuts. Apart from your workout routine, check out these nutrition tips that will help you do just that in n effective manner!

Why muscle building shortcuts don’t work

You get one body in life, and it’s likely you want to do what you can to ensure it’s a strong and attractive one.

That’s why bodybuilding has been steadily growing in popularity. While the benefits of building muscle are vast, it’s crucial to understand that there are right and very wrong ways to go about the process.

Understanding Gains in Muscle Protein

Muscle Building Shortcuts Think Again muscleAs you work out, muscle fibers become damaged. While this may seem to be a bad thing, the process that follows repairs these fibers and ultimately fuses them together to create stronger, bigger muscles.

The thickness of these new fibers is increased, and this muscle hypertrophy eventually leads to a bigger and stronger body. There are three primary components to the gradual increase in muscle protein including:

  • Tension: This entails progressively adding weight during your strength training sessions
  • Localized muscle damage
  • Metabolic stress: this leads to cell swelling around the muscle tissue, causing it to become larger

The Right Way to Build Muscle

Whether your goal is to add to your current muscle mass or overcome a naturally skinny body, there are wrong ways to go about progress.

For example, loading up on unhealthy foods with a high caloric intake is never the solution.

What you put in the body to act as fuel is crucial, and some tips to be sure to employ include:

  • Track your calories –  Men should strive to achieve 2,500 calories daily while women can suffice with between 1,800 to 2,000 (case-by-case dependent).
  • Balance your diet – Just because your caloric intake increases doesn’t mean you can slack off with the quality of food. Around 55 percent should come from carbs, 15 percent from protein, and around 30 percent from healthy fats such as those found in avocados and nuts.
  • Find ways to include healthy fats – For example, try adding olive oil to your salads or pack a handful of nuts for an afternoon snack at the office.

Muscle Building Shortcuts Think Again nutritionWhat to Avoid

It’s just as important to understand what not to do when it comes to a proper diet and the development of muscle protein. For starters, while amping up your caloric intake may seem exciting, many find themselves simply getting tired of eating.

To overcome this common issue, consider the intake of high-calorie options which also deliver the condensed nutrients you need such as chocolate milk.

Furthermore, by adding a healthy component such as coconut oil to your next protein shake, you can quickly and easily add additional calories in a safe and effective way.

Also, never cram all of your calories at the end of the day. This takes planning and is part of the process. All too often, people find that they’ve missed the mark on their intake, and this can cause them to splurge on things that are more conducive to gaining fat than muscle.

Take time at the end of the day or on a weekly basis to determine what will be consumed, and spread these calories out.

Wrap-Up: All Things Considered

All things considered, don’t lose sight of the fact that building muscle is a process which requires time and patience.

Some final tips to keep in mind include:

  • Focus on form rather than weight while lifting.
  • Use reps ranging from eight to 12.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a day off in between workouts to encourage muscle repair.
  • Perform cardio training before weightlifting.

Now go out there and get started!

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