Need A Workout? The Amrap Workout Is A Great Option

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It’s always a good idea to change up your workout occasionally in order to keep you engaged and interested. Stagnant workouts lead to stagnant results or dropout completely! Try this workout today and let it revitalize your fitness routine!

The AMRAP workout is based on the AMRAP principle or As Many Reps As Possible. For all of these timed exercises, you need to push yourself and perform as many reps as you can possibly do (with proper form) in the time given. For this workout, start out by doing each exercise for 30 seconds for a total of 3 sets.

AMRAP Workout

If you push yourself to the max during this AMRAP workout you will be toast….maybe puking 🙂  … but you will help ramp up your afterburn effect which can have you burning calories long after the workout is over!

Hypothetically, you can even have your metabolism boosted 24+ hours after your workout (Schuenke et al 2002)!

The AMRAP Workout


This workout is great for helping to tax the legs (really the entire body)! From squats to lunges, to burpees plus so much more, this difficult workout will just be what you need to break a sweat and burn a ton of calories!


Heel jack, squat punch, lunge with squat, basketball shuffle, burpees, offset pushup

Need a Workout? Try The AMRAP WorkoutHeel Jack

You are basically performing a jumping jack with a squat between each jack. Perform a normal jumping jack but touch your heels (you will have to squat down each time) in-between the jacks! Trust me this exercise can get pretty taxing towards the 30-second mark…push yourself!

Squat Punch

Need a Workout? Try The AMRAP WorkoutAs a timed exercise get down in a squat (knee over the toe, back straight, head up) and hold that position the entire time. While holding this position and dumbbells in hand punch out repeatedly the entire time! Keep the weights up the entire time driving through each punch!

Walking Lunge with Squat

Need a Workout? Try The AMRAP WorkoutLunge straight out (long enough stride to where your knee is over your toe) then stride out with the other foot to a squatting position, squat and then lunge with the other leg. Every lunge is followed by a squat and vice versa. This exercise takes a little coordination and concentration!

Basketball Shuffle

Need a Workout? Try The AMRAP WorkoutKeep your butt down the entire time and shuffle for this timed exercise. STAY LOW! If it burns in your thighs then you are doing it right! Dig deep and keep going. Doing this after the previous exercises should have you sweating, your blood pumping, and your lungs burning!


AMRAP workout burpeeThis is cardio, perform them as fast as possible without hurting yourself. It’s hard to constantly pick yourself up off the floor! Trust me these things suck! Perform a pushup when you get out to the plank/pushup position as well. We dare you to get more than 12 burpees in 30 seconds!

Offset Pushup

Need a Workout? Try The AMRAP WorkoutGet in a normal position except that one arm is elevated by at least 6 inches on either stairs, a stack of books, or anything you have available. Perform a pushup like this. This allows you to go deeper into the pushup on that specific arm, adding resistance. Immediately go and do the same number of reps with the other arm elevated!


Try this workout a couple of times this week and see how you feel!

Take the time to try out new workouts like this AMRAP workout in order to never get bored and keep it entertaining!

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Schuenke MD, Mikat RP, McBride JM (2002) Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption: Implications for body mass management. Eur J Appl Physiol 86: 411-417.

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Need A Workout? The Amrap Workout Is A Great Option