Shoulder Burn Workout

shoulder burn workout

Need a Shoulder Workout?

Want to help tone up the shoulders by gaining muscle with a shoulder workout? Well, try this shoulder workout if you are pinched for time. As with all of our workouts, perform for 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions (exercise capacity dependent) while trying to have minimal rest between exercises and sets! Keep it fast-paced, keep it at a high intensity, and get through it!

Get Your Shoulder Workout On


It’s time to work on our upper body foundation: the shoulders and traps. Having strong shoulders sets you up for just being functionally stronger. Plus this workout will have you burning through the calories when conducted at a high pace! Try to perform with little to no rest between sets!


Snatches, front press, front delt raise, side delt raise, iron cross

Shoulder workoutSnatch

This variation of a snatch starts with the weight on the ground and you in a squat, as you stand out of the squat bring the weight up over your head.

Keep your arm slightly bent but straight the entire time! Perform on the other arm as well!

FrontPressFront Press

Squeeze the weights together directly in front of your chest and keep them together throughout this entire exercise. Push the weights up and out from your chest and then return them to the starting position.

At the top of the contraction make sure to pause for 1-2 seconds to really contract the muscles!

Front Deltoid Raise

BandFrontRaiseWith the arm slightly bent, bring the weight up to your eye or ear height (no higher). Lead with the elbow, not the wrist.

For the front and side deltoid raises remember that it really isn’t about how much weight you can lift but more about conducting the exercises with the proper form!

Side Deltoid Raise

BandSideRaiseWith the arm slightly bent bring the weight up to your eye or ear height (no higher). Lead with the elbow, not the wrist.

Keep the pink higher than any other part of the hand during the exercise for maximum effectiveness.


There you have it! Looking for more? Check out this trap workout.

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