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best at home workout program

Your Ultimate Home Fitness Program

The Alpha Fitness Program: “Do this, do that, just do what you’re told” … Since you were a kid this is all you’ve heard. It’s finally time to take a stand on at least one part of our lives – fitness! After the daily grind of following orders, why can’t we have our own input instead of constantly conforming to the old exercise norms? You know the typical ones we always hear; you have to exercise at the gym for at least 45 minutes every day. Who the hell has time for that? That’s where the Alpha Fitness Program comes in!

Alpha Problems

The daily grind, busting your ass day in and day out, hour after hour, minute after minute, just working for The Man! What the hell? Whatever happened to having control and choice over your daily routine?

Whatever happened to that inner, alpha-esque mindset?

I was going to save parts of this article for a book but decided it could help way more people take their fitness back on DIY Active because we all have aspects of that alpha mindset. It’s the mindset of the ones who are competitive, sometimes stubborn, and frankly don’t like being told what to do – who does? Naturally, many of us have aspects of this alpha personality that we can leverage to our own healthy advantage.

What I mean is that with the majority of our daily routine ran by other people (bosses, wives, husbands, kids… etc.), let’s at least make our own input heard when it comes to our fitness program!

Our 9-5 Schedule

The Alpha Fitness ProgramJust like our 9-5 schedule, we are always being told what to do when it comes to fitness and we don’t even realize it! For instance, why do you feel like you have to exercise at a gym? [Note: I love the gym but I realize we can’t always make it there when pinched for time – we need alternatives!]

Why do you have to exercise for at least 45-60 minutes? Hell, most guys won’t even ask for directions if they’re lost in the middle of nowhere (thank God for smartphones) so why do we blindly follow the directions of the fitness masses?

Let’s work out where, when, and how we want! Let’s take back control of our fitness routine and actually understand why we exercise the way we exercise! Let’s build our own unique program that meets our preferences and time constraints!

You see, backing down to the mainstream way of exercising isn’t just wounding our alpha pride; it’s costing us our health! We have it so deeply embedded in our minds that we must exercise at the gym for at least 45-minutes that anything less isn’t worth the time. Many of us don’t have ¾ of an hour each day to exercise or even the extra time to drive to the gym…

So we skip it altogether in order to get a few more extra minutes in at the office. This can lead to some serious belly bulge (not to mention other adverse health effects)!

Work and Research

Research points to the fact that as our workload increases so do our waistline [1]. This makes complete sense when you think about it – more time at the office means less time to exercise or even eat healthy! So does a big paycheck equal a big gut? Not always, but who wants to bust out a 45-minute workout after “working for the man” for over 8 hours? That sounds straight-up exhausting!

Not only that, but the biggest form of exercise for many of us – walking – is becoming a rarity. In our daily, desk-jockey work atmosphere we might not even walk 3,000 steps a day – may be less than a mile in 24 hours! I’ve even found this to be true for myself. In some instances, I’ll put hours and hours behind the desk typing away.

The next thing I know, 1/2 of the day has passed and after checking my fit stats I find out that I may have only walked 1,500-2,000 steps! That’s friggin’ sad and definitely gets my ass in gear!

Physical Inactivity Costs You…

This archaic exercise mentality causes us to simply “bulge away”, causing physical and financial harm! Wait, what? We’re talking dollar bills now? Yup! As you know, obesity has been linked to stroke, heart disease, various cancers, diabetes, and is widely considered the largest preventable disease.

Get this; it was estimated in 2012 that the annual medical costs in the United States for obesity-related illnesses was almost $210 billion just in adults [2]!

Not only that, but the average annual medical cost for obese individuals was found to be over $1,400 more than normal weight individuals [3].

Some have estimated that being obese can cost you an extra $8,000 a year! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather kick back, have some beers, and watch my new flat screen than spend that money on extra prescriptions, doctor visits, and procedures associated with obesity. It literally kills your ego, kills your physique, and kills your wallet, which honestly could be the deciding factor for many people – money talks.

Alpha Fitness Program

So, what do we really want in terms of exercise to make it more doable? Many of us simply desire our own input in where and when we work out. We want more choices than having to exercise for 45-minutes every time. We want a chance to kick our own ass with a workout we helped design! Frankly, we want to feel like our own badass trainer!

Why Alpha Exercise Matters

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or just feel those alpha traits, there are several inherent truths about the alpha mindset I mentioned earlier. First of all, we sure as hell don’t like being told what to do. While you may have to agree and grin at the boss, we don’t want to be a “Yes Man/Woman” when it comes to fitness! Secondly, humans are naturally competitive.

Whether it’s competing against your buddy at the gym for the most reps or your desire to beat your personal record, our inner burning fire can push us to new heights and help us get the most out of our fitness program! Lastly, we demand to make our own choices – everyone does!

In fact, everyone always wants more options because life isn’t one-size-fits-all! For example, what’s the business executive supposed to do when traveling 5 days per week? Simply not exercise because he can’t easily find a gym when he’s out of town? Not exercise because they can’t spare 45-minutes between exhausting meetings? Sounds like a bad deal for him if he complacently conforms to the norm!

Just like the business executive, we need options that help us exercise when, where and how we want!

All-in-all we can use these personality traits to get the most out of our exercise by creating a program that gives us a choice, gets our competitive juices flowing, and takes advantage of this alpha mindset – we need to exercise like an alpha!

By now you’re probably sitting there thinking, “If I want to design my own workout then why would I need to keep reading these run-on sentences?” Now that’s a valid point – especially concerning my grammar – but the fact is that we will lay out a more efficient, mobile way to exercise.

Basically, we will provide you with science-backed information about a more efficient way to exercise those blasting calories and builds muscle with at-home fitness (on the go or even the gym). Plus, it gives you the exact setup that you can use to create your workout.

Where We Go From Here

The Alpha Fitness Program FitIn essence, we want a complete do-it-yourself program that helps you reach your goals by making your fitness routine more convenient and sustainable! By sustainable we are talking about practices that you can carry on indefinitely. They are practices that are gentle enough to become part of your everyday life.

This is a way to start taking charge of your health, living your life on your own terms, and taking the responsibility to hunker down and build that alpha lifestyle! It’s time to stop waiting on the latest pill, DVD, or gimmick to make you “hot” – let’s suck it up and start making your own healthy choices! This isn’t the end-all-be-all approach to fitness either; it’s more for the people who are sick of the gimmicks and willing to exercise and want their input heard.

Sound like you?

More importantly, it’s about inducing an “I will do this on my own terms” mind-shift change. A mind-shift change towards the fact that your fitness program doesn’t have to be astronomically hard, it doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth, it doesn’t have to be incredibly boring and it doesn’t have to be spoon-fed to you.

Your alpha lifestyle should be convenient because it gives you choices. It should become a part of your daily routine. It should be a way to optimize your quality of life! It’s time to stop waiting, wishing, and hoping! It’s time to do the damn thing yourself!

If you are ready for a simplistic, no BS approach that will provide you the framework to create your own fitness program and reach your goals then let’s dive in! Let’s start awakening the alpha inside you!

Breaking Our Mental Chains

Alpha Fitness Program

How the hell did I get here?

Ever had the humbling “privilege” of asking yourself that? Whether it’s in your career, relationships, or health you sometimes work incredibly hard, but it seems like the deck is stacked against you, “How can I try so damn hard only to get nowhere? Why…am…I…cursed?” It’s literally an endless mental bombardment on your own confidence and when combined with the other crap you deal with can be crippling!

When crap piles up, your health can take a backseat to this dog-eat-dog world. It can simply start with skipping breakfast a few days which might snowball into you dominating the office vending machine for a mid-morning snack(s).

Do that enough and the next thing you know you are standing in front of the mirror saying, “What the F#@k happened?” Your weight can catch up to your busy life or your stress can catch up to your busy career…which can all lead to a breakdown and a negative mindset. Hey, sometimes we all could use a good long cry.

Your Mind and Your Health

Simply put: your mind is where your fitness and weight loss journey begins.

From being your own worst enemy to calling yourself a failure, it’s time to dump that crappy attitude and strive towards your true potential – being a bonafide badass! One not-so-well-kept secret is that the only person – it’s not your family, it’s not your job, it’s not even your financial circumstances – that is stopping you from reaching your ultimate goals is you. It all starts and ends with you and those voices inside your head.

You know the ones I’m talking about – the good versus evil, the daily battle that rages in all of us, the negative mindset that plagues us – can be an overpowering force! Between your ears is where the battle begins, so that’s where we begin by breaking your mental shackles.

Think about it; if you constantly tell yourself that you can’t lose weight or are destined to “suck” then why would you even begin? It’s the “you are what you eat” mentality or more to the point “you are what you think” mentality. Throughout my career as founder of DIY Active, I’ve heard every excuse possible about why people aren’t reaching their goals. Here are a few of the more common ones and why you need to drop this baggage before you can reach your amazing potential!

Need Results Yesterday Mentality

“I‘ve only lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks on my program…it’s not working!”

“I’m not getting swole and getting cut quickly – this sucks!”

This is the mindset that has created the multi-million (probably billion) dollar “miracle pill” market because it is such an easy emotion to prey on. Today, everything is at our fingertips in a matter of seconds. Just like how we can instantly look up the weather or the score of the Super Bowl in 1981, we expect fitness results to be the same; right here, right now!

For example, how do you expect to lose the weight that has taken you months and years to gain in a matter of weeks? Be realistic, it’s going to take time! The best things in life are worth fighting for – let’s do battle!

The Alpha Fitness Program Success

“I Can’t” Mentality

“I never have been able to and never will. I simply can’t!”

“Wait, you mean I have to stay active and watch what I eat? Uhh no, I’m out!”

Do you know those people who drop 20+ pounds? The ones that you are simply envious of because you think there is no way you can do the same? Well, guess what, they were just like you at one point except they actually made a choice to change their lives!

If you want something bad enough and actually commit, you can reach your goals no matter what they are. It may take longer and you’ll have to be fully committed but we are literally talking about your life here – it’s worth the effort.

Tomorrow Mentality

“Hmm, I got to lose this weight…but I have a big weekend planned, I’ll start next week!”

“It’s already September… the year is almost over! Next year I’m going to get jacked!”

This might be the most frustrating one to hear. The old adage, “Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can get done today” is seriously true! There’s no better time to take control of your health and therefore your life than today. Begin today, learn today, fail today, get back up today, and start being the person you want to be today! Strive towards your true potential today. It’s really that simple.

Hope Mentality

“Things will get better – I just know it! I’ll just bide my time and wait.”

“Man, I sure hope things get easier (as you pound another tasty hamburger)!”

One of the most debilitating mentalities that keep you sidelined is the “hope mentality”. The mentality where you sure “hope” things will get better. How are they going to get better if you don’t change? To “hope” things will get better but not actually take any action is lunacy. Hope is a lovely notion but when it comes to making a change in your life you aren’t going to be able to “hope” change into existence. Don’t hope your way to change. Change your way to change.


Honestly, almost all of our excuses are BS and the way we talk to ourselves has to change. You’d never say such crap to your friends if they were starting a weight loss journey, but you say this junk to yourself? That just doesn’t make sense! At the end of the day, we all need to get our heads straight.

It’s time to drop our mental baggage and get started towards the healthy life you deserve. Are you ready to get started living your life on your own terms, having a say in your own program, not being a vending machine victim, and not telling yourself complete crap?

You ready to change your mindset and become the badass you were born to be? Well, it’s about time!

Be sure to come back for Part II of the Alpha Fitness Program, for efficient workouts!


Solovieva S, Lallukka T, Virtanen M, Viikari-Juntura E. 2013. Psychosocial factors at work, long work hours, and obesity: a systematic review. Scan J Work Environ Health 39(3): 241-258.

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