Too Busy? Try These Easy At-Home Workouts

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Get Started With This Quick Home Workout

Who isn’t too busy these days? From work to taking care of the kids to everything in-between, many of us simply don’t have the time for a 50-minute workout with our busy schedules! That’s where at-home fitness and this quick home workout come into play. Bust out this workout in no time and with minimal equipment to build muscle and burn calories!

Quick home workout – No more excuses

A quick home workout is great but if you have to buy hundreds of dollars of equipment then it’s probably not going to happen, right? That’s where King Athletic comes into play.

It’s the equipment we use because it’s high quality and doesn’t break the bank!

For instance, for this workout below, you can get a fitness ball and band set for less than $20 (especially with the instant 15% off code below) and be set up for years of workouts in the future. So grab your gear and give this quick home workout a try!

Band Workout Exercises:

All you need is a King Athletic stability ball and band set. Find an open area in your house and perform this group of exercises for 3 sets of 30 seconds each (with little to no rest between sets). Make sure to move quickly from exercise to exercise to help reduce the overall length but also keep your heart rate elevated the entire time.

Finally, really concentrate on your form to prevent injury and make the exercises more effective.

As with all of our workouts, make sure you are cleared by your physician before starting any exercise program!

Core Building Crunch:

Quick Home Workout Crunch King Athletic

You know those “easy” crunches you do? Well, turn it up just a notch by holding the fitness ball during your crunch. This will add a few extra pounds of resistance while also preventing you from pulling your head forward (if your hands were behind your head), making it a more effective crunch.

Band Bicep Curl:

Quick Home Workout Band Workout King Athletic

Before you even begin this exercise, make sure the band is securely placed under your foot and won’t slip out (nothing like a good old slap in the face). Next, simply curl the band one arm at a time. Make sure to keep the bicep portion of your arm (upper arm) securely placed against your body to ensure a more effective contraction.

Ball Push-Up:

Quick Home Workout Ball Push Up King Athletic

I’ll be honest, this is a more difficult exercise and will take some practice. Make sure you have a firm footing (widen your stance to make it more stable) and then perform a push-up. Trust me, you will not only feel this in your chest but your entire core as well!

Rear Delt  Band Extension:

Quick Home Workout Rear Delt King Athletic

This exercise hits a rarely exercised muscle – the rear delts. Hold the band at both ends at arm’s length in front of your chest (arms slightly bent, not locked). Then perform a reverse butterfly (think about trying to touch your shoulder blades together at the end of the exercise) with your arms slightly bent the entire time.

Ball Squat:

Quick Home Workout Ball Squat King Athletic

Once again, make sure your feet are securely under you, with a strong base. While leaning against the ball, perform a squat (try to get your thighs parallel to the ground at the bottom of the squat). This will not only make you concentrate on your balance but also really help you concentrate on your form as well.

Wrap-Up: Band Workout

There you have it, a quick home workout that can be done in your living room, office, hotel room, or frankly anywhere!

Get after it!

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