The Best Vacation Workouts You Can Do

vacation workouts

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Vacation Workouts: Get active while traveling

Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? This is literally one of the hardest things to do when you are trying to relax, enjoy yourself, and recharge. I recently just returned from a little getaway and boy did I have a hard time getting in my exercise (not to mention watching what I chowed down on).

Exercises On Vacation

Yea, I tried to get up early and go for a run on the beach, didn’t happen!

I tried to get an afternoon workout in between the site-seeing, didn’t happen! It’s so hard to take the time or get up 30 minutes early to exercise, but there are a lot of other ways to get in a little blood pumping that doesn’t require morning runs or afternoon fitness room adventures (those are great though).

Vacation Workouts?

1. Don’t expect too much:

don’t expect to actually run 3 miles every day. Your expectations should be to have fun but try to get in a little exercise while you do it. Don’t be disappointed with yourself if you don’t get a workout every day.

2. Explore on foot:

for example, we walked the boardwalk (about 2 miles round-trip) and that was great. We saw some awesome boats, a beautiful bay, and got a different view of the area.

3. Know the area:

if you know the area and do your homework you can plan accordingly and take a snorkel or running gear with you. Come prepared.

4. Exercise with friends or family:

This is probably the easiest way to get in some exercise. Nothing is more motivating than having someone by your side. Not only will you burn a few calories you will have more fun doing it!

5. Working out doesn’t have to be your typical workout:

If you can’t make it to the fitness room it’s okay!

Exercise in the pool, swim/snorkel in the ocean, bike the country side, or hike the hills!

6. Get up early (if you’re a morning person):

If you are a morning person, go ahead and get in a little exercise early so you can enjoy the rest of your day! Maybe a quick HIIT session?

vacation workouts

7. Drink water:

This isn’t really a workout tip but nothing is worse to me than being on vacation and not having enough water around. For example, you are on a 5-hour road trip and you didn’t bring enough water or you’re in a hotel for 4 days and their tap water is terrible so you don’t drink nearly enough water! Dehydration fatigues you and you won’t run at 100%, come prepared!

8. Screw it, you’re on vacation:

If you don’t get your 12 vacation workouts or much exercise in at all, it’s okay! You can mentally and physically recharge your batteries and come back with a hunger for the gym or your job!

Enjoy it, you’ve earned it!


Be sure to use these vacation workouts and tips next time you are on vacation or even if you are on the go!

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The Best Vacation Workouts You Can Do