Why Should You Share Your Health Regimen on Social Media?

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Social Media Is a Motivational Tool

Chances are, you have some friends who are big fans of social media health posts. Or maybe you’re that friend. They post transformations, workout regimens, healthy meals, or photos of themselves in the gym mirror surrounded by weights. Social media exercise and health posts get a bad rep, but in reality, can be important.

Ways You Should Utilize Your Social Media to Better Yourself

Social media postings are a way to stay accountable and share what makes you happy or what you are passionate about. Many who post their workouts are also posting to inspire others or to celebrate achievements.

These posts may seem narcissistic or annoying to some, but for others, it’s a way to share something they are working hard at. Here are ways your social media can help you achieve your goals.

Staying Accountable

Accountability is a major part of health and fitness. It’s easy to lie to yourself, to talk yourself out of working out or to sneak unhealthy food. When people are working toward a healthy lifestyle, it can be helpful to have social media posts there to keep you accountable in the same way that you use a workout buddy or a trainer.

It’s a lot easier to lie to yourself about not working out, but it’s a lot harder to lie to everyone on your social media about it. For that reason, social media posts about health are important.

If you find health and fitness difficult, and accountability you can get is helpful. If that means posting your workout, sharing a selfie, or posting your healthy meal, then all the power to you.

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People interact with social media in ways that mirror their life. Social media itself has a bad reputation, but in reality, it does have its benefits. Social media provides a venue for expression and communicating in ways you might not be able to otherwise.

It also provides a sense of personal identity. Many people post pictures of their family, adventures, and children. Others post pictures of their cat or dog. Some post pictures of their workout.

The bottom line is that your social media profile is your own, and as long as you’re not hurting anyone, you should post what makes you happy. A positive mental state is important to a healthy life!

Inspiring Others

A ton of information can be exchanged by posting a simple photo. Posting your body transformation is not only celebrating your own achievement, it’s also inspiring for others to see that change does happen with hard work. Sharing a hashtag on a healthy meal can prompt readers and followers to click that hashtag and be taken to similar meals for healthy food inspiration.

Posting about a certain hike, bike ride, fitness class, or walk can be all the inspiration someone else needs to get out and get active. Sharing something about a restaurant you found with great healthy food options can be helpful for someone else looking for a restaurant that won’t tempt them to make unhealthy eating choices.

Social media health and fitness posts aren’t self-serving pats on the backs. They are a way to share your health and fitness lifestyle in a way that inspires others.

Celebrating Achievements

Whether you got a promotion, your child took their first steps, or you ran a marathon, you should share your successes on social media.

The same goes for fitness posts. For instance, shoulders are prone to injury in many activities; if you’re finally able to lift a certain weight with that shoulder post-injury, it’s okay to share that achievement.

Did you achieve a goal weight, reach a squat personal best, or complete a fitness challenge? Share it! Overcoming injury, losing weight, gaining muscle, eating better, or just feeling healthier and better about yourself are all achievements that should be celebrated. You’ve earned it—it’s not an easy road getting there.


No matter what you choose to share on social media, you shouldn’t feel ashamed about doing so. These are your goals—your story—and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Your network is there to support you and who knows, you may inspire someone else!

If you’re posting your health and fitness journey, keep on posting—your social media posts don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules.


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Why Should You Share Your Health Regimen on Social Media?