Your Weight Loss Diary: Making strides

Making Strides Forward…

Well, the ladies are halfway through their weight loss journey [here is PI and PII]. This week, many of them are making strides forward (mentally and physically) with some significant weight loss! Check it out!

Making Strides – DAY 16

Today we welcomed another co-worker to our team, FB3 [Fitness Buddy 3]!! Cute, skinny, in great shape…. we want to be jealous of her but she’s so sweet it makes us feel guilty so we are choosing to use her as motivation. She is a mom of three little ones and works full-time. Staying active for 45 minutes a day isn’t difficult for her but she wants to firm up and likes the idea of the daily 15-minute strength sessions.

We are halfway done with the challenge and making strides!

We are in the groove and exercise is becoming a habit for us. It is a good feeling. I have so much more energy than I did before.

After work last night, I walked and then cleaned the house… SO out of character for me! I am back to making good food choices but it’s really aggravating to think that had I not fallen off the wagon the 1 – 2 pounds that I was on track to lose found me again.

DAY 17

One pound is equivalent to ~3500 calories. Had I not consumed 3500 calories in dessert this weekend, the scale would be showing a loss (I realize this is a simplistic view of it and other things come into play but this is what keeps going through my mind). Josh tells us to put the past in the past and start fresh every day but I’m still mad at myself. Today, Pam and I have a workout class on top of the daily fitness lab. Hopefully, that helps me kick some of those 3500 calories to the curb.

My team members are doing a great job sticking to the plan and getting the workouts in along with 45 minutes of activity most days of the week.

Back to the dessert – FB2 knew I was feeling weak when I told her I had two desserts and really wanted another one. She texted me and said “Do NOT eat that last piece of pie!” – I ate it anyway. I am becoming OCD about that stupid dessert. MOVE ON CONNIE!!! You fell off the wagon – get over it already!

DAY 18

Beginning again is not going to be easy…. I am leaving for a short trip to Las Vegas tomorrow! I’ve never been to Vegas so I’m excited but it will definitely be a challenge to control my eating. I saw Pam last night at a workout class. I can definitely tell she is losing inches. She looks great! I hope to tell her that will keep her going no matter what the scale says.

FB2 joins me in my frustration with the scale. However, FB1 is doing great so we know the program works – we just have to commit to the program 100%! We also picked up another team member – it’s catching!! Since FB3 and FB4 are just getting started, I am letting them off the hook as far as sharing their numbers.

OlafDAY 19, 20 & 21

VEGAS BABY!! I have never been to a place that is more exciting, overwhelming, and disturbing all at the same time. While walking the strip, I came across one of my all-time favorite Disney characters, Olaf. Looking at the picture, I noticed we share a similar pear-shaped body type. 🙂 Thank God for braces or we would share the same dental features as well!

I walked over 50,000 steps over the 3 days I was in Vegas. I did the fitness lab in the hotel exercise facility and luckily had a rest day on Saturday. Yesterday was a crazy day. I had intended to get up early to do the fitness lab but overslept so I will have to double up on my workouts tomorrow.

Day 19 was weigh-in day. I didn’t have access to a scale first thing in the morning so I’m decided to skip the weigh-in this week. My diary, my rules. 🙂 However, I will admit that my weight on Thursday was up .4 pounds from last week. :/ Curse that banana cream pie, spice cake, and blackberry pie!!!

GO, Pam!! She was our biggest loser this week (no pun intended) with a loss of 2.2 pounds! FB1 was down 1.8 pounds for a total of 4.8 pounds and is .2 pounds away from meeting the 5 lb. goal! FB2 was up 2 pounds.

However, she is NOT giving up because she feels so much better and has put too much effort into this challenge to give up now.

DAY 22

You know the cliché “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Don’t believe it! The weight that I put on there came home with me! I was starting to feel sorry for myself because I ate very healthily and got plenty of exercise. The “I’m on vacation” excuse kicked in so I decided to give myself a break from the My Fitness Pal app and keep a mental record of what I ate.

Today, I am up 2 pounds which means that I am 4.6 pounds from my goal which ALSO means that I only have 8 days left to lose 4.6 pounds. After thinking about what went wrong this weekend, I realized that what I ate wasn’t the problem – it was what I drank… pineapple juice and coconut rum along with a few glasses of champagne. Add up the calories from 3 to 4 drinks a day and there are over 3600 calories. My weekends are killing me!


It’s GAME ON for this last leg of the challenge. Time to start making strides! I am going to kick up my cardio for these last 8 days and prove to myself that I CAN LOSE WEIGHT!!! I typed that in all caps so that I would actually believe it.

On a positive note – my body fat percentage has gone down 2.8%… which means I am moving in the right direction. Thinking positive, thinking positive, thinking positive….

Eight more days of making strides – 4.6 pounds to lose – NO PROBLEM!!!

Note From Josh: When people think about getting in shape they automatically think of the scale and how many pounds they lost. That’s just the way it is in the industry and what everyone reverts to it – it’s ingrained. While the scale offers a way to keep track of your progress, it can also affect you mentally! When it comes to the “long-run”, start forgetting about the scale and trusting your mirror! Your progress might not be seen in your relationship to gravity but might be apparent visually!

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