Your Weight Loss Diary: The Finale


Weight Loss Diary: The Final Stretch

Finally, after a month of hard work and I’m sure a few cuss words aimed in my direction, the ladies wrapped up their weight loss journey [here is PI, PII, and PIII]. I’m super proud of what they accomplished in ONLY 30 short days – it’s amazing what a few friends and determination can do together! See how far they went AND get an exclusive offer below!

DAY 23 through 29

We are in the groove and I have gotten complacent with keeping track of my progress diary… I will know what my progress is on our final weigh-in.

Plus, I’m tired of weighing every day – down two pounds, up one pound… my OCD tendencies have me obsessing with the number.

Josh has encouraged us NOT to use the scale as the only measure of success.

Do my clothes fit differently? Yes, a little looser. That’s a good sign – we’ll go with that and forget about the stupid scale… for now.

Weight loss diary
Screw the scale! Trust the mirror and your clothes.

Getting in the exercise groove has not been as easy for Pam because she doesn’t have the support system at her job that FB1, FB2, and I have. She works in the construction business and is surrounded by men. 🙂 NOT that men in the construction field can’t be supportive… I grew up with a family full of bricklayers.

They work their tails off to support their families – which is a whole different level of support.

When it comes to weight loss, trust me, they couldn’t fathom sitting around their lunch buckets talking about how many calories they’ve eaten so far that day… or how eating a half plate of broccoli for dinner last night is making them feel bloated and gassy (they expel the gas – no excuses needed)… or how their hormones are raging and they HAVE to have the chocolate right that minute or they won’t make it through the rest of the day.

Pam is working on ways to get her fitness Labs and activity in but unlike me and my co-workers, she doesn’t have the luxury of getting her exercise in on her morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks. We are very fortunate!

As far as FB3 and FB4, they are doing their workouts at home since they are out of the office a lot of days.  Since we want an actual measurement of the progress made from day 1 to day 30, we will not include them in the final numbers.  You’re off the hook ladies, for now!

Tomorrow is Wednesday and the last day of our challenge – we’ve decided to give ourselves until Friday (our normal weigh-in day) to reach our goals.  Not gonna lie, I’m going to exercise my butt off these next two nights because I want those numbers to be good! Wish me luck!

DAY 30

We are DONE!  Weighed today – FB1 has done GREAT.  FB2 and I are not where we want to be.  We will see what tomorrow brings.


Final weigh-in day! Here are our results:
Final Weight Loss Table


Thanks to FB1’s hard work, we were able to meet our team goal of 15 pounds – she was a trooper and a major motivator!  FB2 wanted to throw in the towel about halfway through the challenge but she fought through it and kept her commitment to herself and our team and lost 7 ½ inches!

Am I disappointed that I didn’t meet my individual goal to lose 5 pounds (I was really close)?  Yes, but I’m more excited that I actually LOST 4.6 pounds and 2.3% of my body fat.  I can do 50 pushups without stopping, a 2-minute plank, and a 1 ½ minute wall sit. [Editor’s Note: Personally I feel that these huge improvements are even more impressive than the weight loss!]

MotivationI feel stronger than I have in a long time AND that’s only after 30 days.  Who knows what we can accomplish after our next 30 days?  YES, we are doing it again and again and again until we meet the ultimate goals we have set for ourselves.

There will be mini-goals set along the way that won’t be easy – but we didn’t gain the weight overnight and we for sure won’t lose it overnight.

If you, your friends, co-workers, family members, etc. want or need to get healthier – use that as motivation…join forces! We all need motivators along the way.  Josh with his 30 Day program is an excellent motivator but he can’t get you up off the couch and committed.

Build a team of positive minded people who want to succeed and, just as importantly, want to see each other succeed as well.


First 30 days down…. Next 30 coming up…. What will I accomplish in the next few days?  Right now, I feel like the skies are the limit… at least today I feel like the skies are the limit.

Tomorrow might be a completely different story but that’s OK – I won’t give up because I’ve come too far now to not finish the race – even if I come in last at least, I still got myself off the couch!  Go, Connie!

P.S.  You know that comment I made earlier about if I don’t lose 5 pounds by the end of the 30 days I’m never getting on Facebook again…. I lied.  Peace OUT! [Editor’s Note: We will let her slide this time!]


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