You Have to Try These 5 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses

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Fat Burning Yoga You Can Do Today

What do most people want when it comes to a yoga workout? It really all boils down to a relaxing way to increase your flexibility, build muscle and burn fat at the same time! These are the moves you gotta try at home!

Must-Try: Fat-burning yoga…

Instead of jumping on the treadmill and running your heart out, try these easy, doable fat-burning yoga moves that are easier on the body but get results!

Make no mistake about it, if you push yourself during these moves you will be gassed!


5 Fat Burning Yoga Poses You Have to Try plank

Plank pose shows up in many forms of exercise, and in yoga, it’s a key all-around pose. Generating a full-body workout, plank raises the heart rate in mere seconds. Make sure the wrists are aligned directly below the shoulders and draw the shoulder blades away from one another. Engage the quadriceps and core equally, which should ensure the hips aren’t sinking or sitting up too high. Try to work up to holding the pose for 30-60 seconds.

Adho Mukha Savasana

5 Fat Burning Yoga Poses You Have to Try downward dog

Perhaps the most familiar yoga pose, the downward dog will build upper back and arm muscles while stretching the legs and side-body. Starting on hands and knees, tuck the toes and lift the hips up and back. Reach the chest towards the thighs creating an inverted ‘V’ shape with the body. Bend the knees slightly if necessary.

High Lunge

5 Fat Burning Yoga Poses You Have to Try

A high lunge pose is considered a balancing, strengthening, and flexibility pose. Given the diverse nature of the pose, it will challenge the mind while burning calories. Stepping forward into a lunge, check to make sure that the front knee is aligned with the ankle (making a 90-degree angle at the knee) and that you’re on the ball of the back foot with both feet facing forward. Next try to distribute your body weight evenly between both feet and engage through the back quad.  If you’re feeling wobbly, create a wider stance with the feet to expand your center of gravity.


5 Fat Burning Yoga Poses You Have to Try

Building strength in the legs, especially the glutes and quadriceps, the chair pose is an approachable posture that gets muscles firing quickly. Bring the feet and knees together, then bend the knees and sink the hips. Keep the back flat (without dropping the chest), gaze forward, and align knees above toes. For more calorie-busting intensity, incorporate the upper body by reaching the arms up and in line with the back (alongside ears).


5 Fat Burning Yoga Poses You Have to Try

Boat pose helps burn calories by challenging the abdominal and lower back muscles. From a seated position, start to lean back while slowly lifting the legs. The hands can either hold onto the backs of the thighs or reach out towards the legs. Elongate through the collarbones and make sure the neck is in a neutral position with the spine. You might start to literally shake from the core, but focus your attention on your breath.


There you have it – 5 awesome fat-burning moves that you can do anywhere.

How awesome is that? Doable yoga poses you can do anywhere that gets results!

Hailing from Savannah, GA, Brooke Blocker is a New York City yoga instructor and writer. She owns and operates Blocker Yoga, providing one-on-one, corporate, and group yoga classes. Utilizing her background in psychology and health research from Duke University, Brooke infuses these aspects into her teachings. Find her at or on Instagram!
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You Have to Try These 5 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses