6 Benefits of Physical Activity

benefits of physical activity

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6 Perks of Being Active

When most people think of physical activity, they automatically assume a rigorous, dreaded workout. They picture slaving away in the gym so that they can enjoy a specific reward. Or they envision looking different, possibly weighing less. But the truth is, physical activity is so much more.

There are an unlimited amount of ways to be physically active (read about the perks of resistance training here) and all of them improve your quality of life. But let’s be clear on something; being active doesn’t have to mean going to the gym! Activity should be things you enjoy doing day to day that require movement, keep your blood flowing, and boost your health. Here are six reasons to be active.

Six Reasons You Should Improve Your Physical Activity

Playing with kids, going for hikes, biking to s festival, pulling a wagon, snowboarding, etc. None of these things are scheduled ‘workouts,’ but all of them are great for you.

As a society, we seem to be obsessed with weight and being ‘smaller.’ But the truth is, fitness has so many more benefits than just shrinking your waistline!

Being Active Improves Your Sleep

Staying fit, running around after kids, and enjoying being outside is fun… but a lot of work for your body! And thus, your body prioritizes sleep at the end of the day so it can recover and repair. People who lead active lives tend to sleep better (not as much walking in the middle of the night) and deeper in order to recover.

If you’re lazing on the couch all day, your body hasn’t really been stimulated enough to need rest.

Keeps You Mobile

Ever heard the saying “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”? Well, it’s true. After a while of not using our muscles or range of motion, we become unable to.  We need physical activity in order to keep our joints mobile and our muscles functioning.

Staying active day-to-day keeps your body going.

Perform Daily Tasks Easier

 6 Perks of Being Active

The stronger you are and the more you do something, the easier the task becomes. Staying active and strong enables you to perform tasks some people find challenging (e.g., carrying groceries) a bit easier.

If for no other benefit, stay fit for this one! Why not make your life easier by doing something you love?

Helps Prevent Disease

Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are all too common nowadays. Is it any wonder that it’s because we spend so much of our time not moving? Staying active helps prevent a wide range of health problems by lowering risk factors.

Helps Alleviate Digestion Issues

Being active helps move food through your gut and promotes regular bowel movements. This, in turn, helps alleviate a lot of cramping, bloating, and disease that stems from food sitting too long in the colon.

Improves Your Mood

People who exercise are normally able to deal with stressors easier and are more positive and happy on a regular basis. This could be the endorphins that come from your muscles working or it could be that fitness provides you an outlet. Regardless, staying active definitely helps improve your mood.

That said, find something you enjoy doing. Don’t go to the gym if you hate it. Instead, find an activity you’re excited about and stick with it. This will keep you going back and it won’t feel like a chore.


The benefits of physical activity are endless (prevent cardiovascular issues, reduces stress, make you confident, keeps you social, etc.).

While many people view physical activity as a dreaded necessity, once you place the emphasis on health and not body composition, you’ll find that activity can be fun- rewarding even!

You don’t need to be strong or lean to be fit, active, and healthy. Just like you don’t need to ‘hit the gym’ to enjoy an indulgence.

There is so much more to health than the obvious. You should keep fit because it will improve your quality of life and allow you to keep doing things you love. Fitness, activity, exercise, whatever you want to call it. This movement is how our bodies were meant to function.

So instead of dreading your workout, focusing on the ‘necessity’ of it. Find something you love, enjoy it, and enjoy all of the other, awesome benefits that come along with being active consistently!


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6 Benefits of Physical Activity