Best Bicep Workout For Adding Mass

best biceps exercises

Adding Mass: Build Your Biceps

Continuing on with our “beastly” theme check out how to increase the size of your biceps. This is a big issue for guys who are interested in adding mass but it should also be important for women as well if they want amazingly toned arms!

It’s all about adding mass

For those who have a passion for bodybuilding or gaining muscle mass, big biceps are something that they crave.

Whether you are a gym instructor or a bodybuilder, you must have worked hard to get perfectly toned biceps, as this adds an extra charm to your entire physique.

What happens with most people is that they don’t follow bicep-specific exercises, as the biceps usually get worked indirectly when they train the rest of their upper body.

But if you want bigger biceps, make sure you are including some bicep-specific exercises in your workout regime, once or twice a week, as it will do wonders!

One thing you need to take note of is that the biceps muscles are smaller compared to the other muscles of your body (i.e. your pecs or glutes).

This is why you need to choose exercises that strategically induce bicep muscle growth. Apart from relying upon the workout plan, also consider having the best pre-workout supplements as they will help in quick muscle recovery.

Here are some of the best biceps exercises for adding mass to your body:

Best Bicep Workout For Adding MassAlternating dumbbell curl

This is one of the easiest exercises that you can do to add mass to your biceps. In this, you don’t use both of your hands to lift one weight or curl with two individual weights.

Instead, you focus on each of the biceps, one at a time, which proves to be very effective.

Close-grip chin-ups

While rowing or curling seems to be great for your biceps, close-grip chin-ups, too, help your biceps become stronger, as they focus the pull on your biceps. Use a chin-up bar or a straight bar. Reach up and grab it with your palms facing you about 6 inches apart from one another. Keep your legs crossed so that you don’t touch the floor and pull yourself upward. If possible, try to get your chin, over the bar so that your arms are completely flexed.

Best Bicep Workout For Adding MassHammer curl

This is one of the most preferred bicep exercises of many fitness experts and athletes. This is mainly because it also works the muscles of your forearm. Since the focus is on rotated curls, the brachioradialis and brachialis of the forearms are emphasized a lot. Tuck in your elbows with the body and keep your upper arms stationary [Note: this is one of the biggest tips to really concentrate on].

Lift the weight and curl it upward, without rotating your forearm or the weight. Think of how a hammer is moved, and curl the weight in that manner.

Supinated grip bent rows

Resistance plays a major role in muscle growth, the more weight you will lift equaling more resistance. Consider performing rowing with more weights while doing a bicep workout because it allows you to greatly increase the resistance.

Hold the straight bar with your palms, facing you, and keep your shoulders wide apart. Lift the weight from the floor to a standing position. Once you have lifted it up, bend your upper body, almost parallel to the floor. Now keep your elbows tucked into your flanks and raise the bar to touch your abdomen.


While practicing these exercises will help boost muscle growth, you should also opt for good-quality sports supplements for better results.

Also, ensure that you are having the best pre-workout supplements before starting your workout to add energy to your regimen and improve your performance.

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Best Bicep Workout For Adding Mass