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Train for Your Body Type… Let’s Go

Do some people have it easier than others when it comes to losing weight or building muscle? Well, our body type does affect how we normally look but that can be enhanced with a specific training regime! So are you ready to train for your body type?

Does your body type matter?

A common loophole in fitness regimens is the generalization of food diets and physical exercises for everyone. In short, “one for all.”

One thing that we fail to realize in the frenzy of trying to lose weight and attaining the perfect hourglass figure is the fact that all of us have different body types.

As goes the famous proverb, ‘one’s man’s meat is another man’s poison, the likeness of which can be compared to one form of exercise suiting a certain body type and not the other. A workout tailored especially for your physique will prove beneficial in the long run.

Our body types are predetermined by genetics and we should let nature take its course and not interfere with it unnecessarily.

The first step on how to train for your body type and finding the right training method is precisely identifying your body type. After which you can go on to decide what method of exercise to adopt, exercise loop bands, push-ups, treadmilling, light floor exercises, or any other form of exercise for that matter.

To begin with, everyone has a certain body type, the three major categories being; Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.

You can, however, be a combination of two body types, so you’ve got to identify where you lie. Some people have a lean body with minimum muscle mass while some work with utmost diligence and commitment to shed those extra pounds around their waist. Many of us object to this with, “this is not fair” and “why do I always have to gain weight so fast”.

It all boils down to one simple fact and that is; which body type do you possess.

The Ectomorph

train for your body type EctomorphPeople who fall under this category have a feeble, delicate framework of bones with a usually high metabolism rate.

Either they are very happy consuming high-calorie food and not even gaining an ounce of weight or they are either struggling to gain some body mass, muscle, or fat. The latter applies to men mostly.

Ectomorph Training

Training for an ectomorph body includes special emphasis on gaining muscle and strength rather than on cardiovascular exercises. Anabolic steroids are often opted by athletes who have an ectomorphic body shape, little do they realize that it may harm their health in the long run.

A viable alternative would be to train in high volume, as keeping muscles stimulated over a long span of time enhances muscle growth.

Founder of Business Quest 10 and author of ‘The Impact Body Plan’, Todd Durkin has laid special emphasis on the uptake of protein and nutrition after short regular intervals of time and has also shown a shortcut way of optimizing strength through one’s legs.


Endomorph personalities face difficulty in losing weight and have a round-shaped, soft body with a high percentage of body fat. Even their muscles are underdeveloped which is why they need to concentrate the most on muscle hardening and fat-burning exercises.

Endomorph training

The endomorph has to take a completely different approach towards their training and fitness program and would definitely need to adopt waist training and cinching techniques. This could either be in the form of waist trainers or vigorous abs-building exercises.

Since they are susceptible to quick and excess accumulation of fat, they need to keep a close check on their cardiovascular health. High willpower will enable an endomorph to consume a clean diet and run or jog on a regular basis.


Commonly known as the perfect “athletic guy”, mesomorphs have an ideal body for weight and lift-training. They tend to gain fat at the thighs, and the lower portion of their body, the likeness of which can be appropriately compared to a pear.

They have an athletic physique; strong bone structure and an in-built genetic tendency to gather muscle mass, however, being more prone to gaining weight at a faster rate than ectomorphs but less than endomorphs.

Mesomorph training

train for your body type Mesomorph PinterestStrength training and high-intensity interval training goes best for this body type. This will not only build muscles but keep the extra fat away and improve cardiovascular health.

Upper and lower body exercises are recommended with limited rest between the sets. They need to keep a balance, so as to ensure they don’t start getting overweight or obese.

What if your body is a combination of these body types?

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you do not precisely fall in any one of the categories as it is highly likely that you might be a combination of these body types.

Since now you are well-versed with the characteristics and requirements of each body type you can opt for the training method that suits your body needs the best.


When you want to train for your body type, for your self-satisfaction you can undergo a fitness test and survey to get professional advice on the training that will be a perfect fit for your body type and body goals.

No matter what, keep in mind that a healthy body entails a healthy mind and you’ve got to leave no stone unturned in making your life as healthy and vital as possible.

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