5 Best Exercises That Will Shape Your Booty

5 Best Exercises That Will Shape Your Booty

Shape Your Booty With These Exercises

Maintaining a toned and healthy body is a blessing that many people ask for in their lives. However, asking for a fit body isn’t enough— you must work in order to achieve it! A well-toned lifted butt is often included in the fit body we women dream of.

Time to shape your booty

It definitely is something to die for as it looks great and is a positive step towards improving your self-esteem, too. The muscles present in your butt are powerful and are some of the largest in your body. Given this, ample care should be taken of these muscles.

If you are someone who aims to do a hardcore workout, then taking care of your butt is necessary. This is because the workouts you will do will improve your core strength, boost your metabolism and give your body a better structure by improving the posture of your spine and hips.

Many exercises only require maintaining a balance through the hips. Besides that, who does not want to have a nice round, firm, lifted-toned butt?

There are specific exercises that can push you towards a nice lifted butt and give you the confidence that your body needs.

We have shortlisted five different butt lift exercises for you that will enhance the contractile ability of your muscles.

All of the exercises mentioned below will help improve the alignment and flexibility of your butt and help shape your booty.

5 Best Exercises That Will Shape Your BootyAlong with these workouts, we recommend you constantly stay motivated and keep focused on your fitness goal. Nothing will work if you don’t set your mind to it.

Hip Lifts (Bridges)

This is an amazing way to lift your butt. It is a two in one exercise it releases tension from your back and works on your hips as well. The first step is to rest your back on the floor with arms at your sides.

Your knees should be bent. Slowly lift your butt into the air, hold it for one second, and then bring it to the same position as before. For best results, repeat this exercise for sixty seconds. Take caution because you do not want to damage your spine by overarching.

This workout can also be paired with butt-lifting shapewear if you are looking for more improved and slightly quicker results. Just make sure to select the one that suits you and your body best.

Toe Taps

This second exercise has been used for different things, but mostly for getting flawless abs, but who would have thought that you can use Toe Taps for getting a flawless butt as well?

Lift your feet up in the air by maintaining a ninety-degree angle with your knees. In the next step, you will have to slowly tap your left foot on the floor and then move on to the right one. In case of back pain, do not bring your toes all the way down to the floor.

Dirty Dog position

It is important to realize that a plethora of techniques can help you in getting that curvy figure without bearing ridiculous pain. Speaking of pain, it is important to note that pain is often due to neglected joint health.

While you are actively working for a body that looks great, we recommend you also work toward strengthening your joints and other internal body parts.

For these suffering from knee pains, this exercise technique known as the Dirty Dog is ideal. In this, you would need to assume a tabletop position with your hands under your shoulder and knees directly under your hips.

While keeping both legs bent, slowly start to raise your right thigh until it is parallel to the floor. After this, you extend your right leg and then bring it back down. This should be repeated ten times before switching to the left leg.

Alternating Curtsy Lunge

The Alternating Curtsy Lunge shapes your butt from all the places. Who said that curtsy is only for royalty? You can use this position and get a butt that would be nothing short of royalty.

For this exercise, stand up and put your left leg behind you, while your right one is in the front. Make sure that thighs cross each other and then go into an ever-elegant curtsy position. You would be bending your knee while your hands can be in front of you, in a fist form.

By bending constantly and then alternating with the left and right leg, your inner thighs and the butt will be on fire, proving that the exercise is doing its wonders. If it gets a little too complicated for you to do on your own, put your stylish gym clothes on and head over to the gym for some assistance from a professional instructor.

Remember, there is no harm in asking for help when needed.

Kickback Squat

The last exercise that will bring the kind of finesse that your butt deserves is the kickback squat. You need to stand in a position that your legs are shoulder-width apart. Get into a squat position and your fists are close to your chin.

Extend your left leg backward and your arms should be extended forward. Remember that your weight should be on your heels. Be careful not to twist your hips from sideward.


All of these exercises will only give the best results if your nutrition is in accordance with these exercises.

Not only nutrition, though; extensive workout also calls for good rest, so you must make sure you get sufficient amounts of good sleep if you really want to see noticeable results.

We often work on one aspect thinking that our body reacts in isolation and considers only one or two factors.

However, it is high time that we view our well-being and fitness in a more holistic manner.

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5 Best Exercises That Will Shape Your Booty