Exercise Habits That Cause Bloating

Exercise Habits That Cause Bloating

Let’s Try to Prevent Bloating

Most of us know that exercise is the best remedy for almost everything, including stomach problems. However, it is possible to experience some bloating after your workout. We exercise to flatten our abs and end up expanding our midsection – what gives? The reason is simple, and the solution is even simpler. Let’s dive into how exercise can cause bloating.

Tips to prevent bloating

Let’s first look at the causes to get a better picture of where we may be going wrong:

Core strengthening exercises

Exercise Habits That Cause BloatingCommon culprits include crunches, Russian twists, situps and side planks. Many people experience some tummy pain and bloating after performing workouts containing these exercises.  

While ab-crunching exercises can actually improve the circulation in the digestive organs, not stretching afterwards can affect their function.

When you work your abs, you leave your muscles pretty tight and leave less room for the circulation of waste products out of the body, thus causing stomach pain and gas. This can be solved by a stretch routine after your workout to relax your muscles and ease the organs underneath.

Not hydrating during your workout

Many people avoid taking regular sips of water during their workouts and end up getting dehydrated. When you exercise, you lose precious water in the form of sweat.

When your body continuously releases sweat but doesn’t get a replacement, it draws fluids from the liver and the kidneys to function the body.

Improper breathing during exercise

Core engagement is vital for spin protection and core stabilization, but if you forget to breathe during your ab-exercises, you may suffer from a few tummy problems afterward. Avoid holding your breath and make sure you breathe a lot while exercising.

How can you fix bloating?

Note that bloating is common in beginners because of the sudden upgrade in physical activity. People who increase the intensity of their workouts may experience some mild bloating afterwards as well. To treat discomfort caused by bloating, try the following techniques:

  • Exercise Habits That Cause BloatingWalk home from the gym: This will relax your body a bit and enhance digestive function
  • Have some ginger: Adding ginger to your tea is a great way to prevent and treat bloating. Some research shows that ginger contains phytonutrients that treat digestive problems such as bloating, nausea and tummy aches
  • Drink plenty of water: Water regulates sodium levels in the body and thereby, reduces fluid retention. Additionally, water also enhances bowel movements and prevents common digestive ailments
  • Avoid bloat-foods: Some people are lactose intolerant so having milk can prove to be counterproductive. You can have Greek yogurt for your protein and calcium because the straining process removes most of the lactose. Other foods you must avoid include salty snacks and fizzy drinks. Salt causes water retention in the abdominal region and causes bloat and carbonated drinks are full of gas so drinking gas will cause gas, right?  Avoid chewing gum as well because you actually swallow air and cause bloating. Consume bloat-friendly foods instead, such as watermelon, citrus, lentils, fish and turkey.


At the end of the day, you can perform a hundred crunches and follow a well-balanced diet, but making a just a few exercise mistakes can cause bloating.

It’s all about practicing safe and effective techniques and think quality over quantity.

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Exercise Habits That Cause Bloating