Exercise Plan = Business Plan

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Make Your Exercise Plan Efficient

Why do successful corporations make business plans? Is it because they have resources allotted in their budget that need to be used so they keep interns busy working on them? Is it because they like to say they have a plan? The answer is that they make business plans because they work. They are the directions to get the business from point A to point B with the exact steps and directions to get there. Your goals could take a page from these large corporations and turn your exercise plan into a business plan.

Have a shrewd exercise plan

1. Envision where you want to be

One of the biggest aspects of the business plan is trying to figure out where you want to be in the foreseeable future.

For instance, it isn’t good enough to say you want to be healthy in 2014, make the goal specific; you want to cut out all soda, decrease your weight by 15 pounds, and exercise 3 times a week. This specific goal will give you more insight into how to get there.

Exercise Plan = Business PlanAnother way to set your goals can be taken from International Business Machines Corporation or more commonly referred to as IBM. When Tom Watson took over in 1914 he knew exactly what he wanted IBM to look like; he had a vision he wanted to achieve.

He had this wonderful vision of the finished product. To get there he reversed engineered what it would take to achieve this goal and eventually he did. You can do the same with your exercise plan. If you see yourself running the Boston Marathon in two years, look at what it would take to make this happen.

2. What would it take to get there

So by now, you know where you want to be. How in the heck do you get there though? This may take some research on your part. If you want to be a marathon runner then you need to understand some of the training regiments that they do. Likewise, if you want to lose 15 pounds what will that take?

For instance, you need to cut about 500 calories a day to lose a pound a week (a very rough estimate) but this can’t be sustainable forever. If you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to make a plan to make your nutrition and exercise regime sustainable!

3. What’s the time frame

One of the biggest problems people have is trying to get too much done too fast, or being over-ambitious. Ambition is great but sometimes it can lead to goals that are not attainable, leading to drop out when they aren’t attained very quickly.

Set realistic time frames for your goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your six-pack!

4. What are the costs

Will you need a personal trainer? Will you need to ask your partner to check in on you regularly to see how you are progressing? Will you need to get a fitness partner, not to mention a gym membership? Will you need to buy equipment to work out at home?

These are some very real questions you need to ask yourself! Not only do your goals need to fit into your time schedule but they also need to fit into your budget.

Not only will there be monetary costs, but there will also be emotional costs as well! It takes a lot of energy and emotional strength to lose weight or run a marathon. Be prepared to deal with these emotions. Having someone accompany you on your fitness journey can really help you alleviate the emotional costs.

Rough times are always better with a good companion.

5. Sign to do it

Write your goals down exactly as we have discussed and then sign a contract with yourself.

When you are struggling look back at your goals and why you are doing them. This will provide instant motivation for you.

Just like if you were to start an LLC, be sure to sign a contract with yourself for that extra push!


You are the only one that can do it. No one can do it for you. Stand up, get active, and get it done!

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Exercise Plan = Business Plan