How To Not Gain Weight On Vacation

how to not gain weight on vacation

Holiday Weight Loss: It’s Possible

When it comes to holiday weight loss the best thing you can do is be realistic! While it’s great to be ambitious, you may have the cards stacked against you this holiday. For instance, I’m sure the average person goes to 3-4 family/work get-togethers (and that is low-balling it).

Think of all the foods, the pies, the cakes, the amazing casseroles – now times that by 4!

Holiday Weight Loss Can Happen

When it comes to the holidays don’t get carried away and try to lose a large amount of weight. Instead, go for maintenance. If you can get through all of the family meals and NOT gain a pound then you are doing great!

When you walk up to the food table remember these 5 tips to help you avoid holiday weight gain:

Chew Slower

Holiday Weight LossChewing slower is great for a number of reasons – the first is that it helps you digest your food more efficiently (along with not dying via choking). The second reason to chew slower is that it lets your mind catch up to your stomach!

When you are shoveling in food, your mind doesn’t realize when it’s full. Chewing and eating slower will let your mind know you are fuller faster so you don’t overeat! Not “NOM NOM NOM” more like “NOM…NOM…NOM!”

Quality Over Quantity

You’re bellied up to the ridiculously long food table – it looks 20 yards long! How will you fit all of that onto ONLY one plate?

When these thoughts cross your mind remember to just pick and choose the healthier options while allowing yourself to have some of the things you love as well – remember everything in moderation.

Eat More Greens

Greens are your big buddy! Pile them high on your plate whenever you get a chance. This will help set you up for weight maintenance. Not only will they keep the pounds off your midsection but they will fill you up faster and keep you full longer!

STOP When You Are Full

This goes along with number one! As you chew slower you will realize you are full faster. Now, this is the point where you have a decision – get a big friggin’ piece of cake and be completely miserable or back away for a couple of hours? You know the obvious answer –  don’t burst your belly!

Enjoy Yourself

More than anything, don’t get too hung up on your nutrition when you are enjoying your family and friends. Live in the moment and be with them completely.

Who wants to be calculating macros in the back of their mind when Cousin Carl is telling a pretty hilarious – and mildly gross story? Live in the moment!


The holiday family dinner doesn’t need to be dreaded because you think it automatically leads to weight gain.

The reality is holiday weight loss can occur!

Remember to chew slower, choose quality foods, and live in the moment and you will be good to go! Happy holidays folks!

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