Best Butt Workouts At Home

butt workouts at home

Here is a butt-building, glute workout

This is where the ladies get excited (or everyone really) – it’s time to work on that butt! Besides doing the Brazilian butt lift along with regular squats try this simple at-home glutes workout. Like all our workouts, all you need are resistance bands and a stability ball (not mandatory). This is a great 10-15 glutes workout that will help you achieve buns of steel status!

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Killer Glutes Workout

Bridges (butt lift)

One of the most common glutes workout/exercise and a great way to isolate the glutes, bridges can be done anywhere! In the crunch position, lift your torso up by squeezing together your glutes. Pause at the top for the most effective contraction and settle back down in the resting position. For an added challenge you can perform “One-Legged Bridges” with one leg elevated.

At-Home Glutes Workout

Stability Ball Bridge

Another way to increase the difficulty of the bridge is to employ your stability ball! Like a normal bridge, this works your glutes but because you are using a stability ball it also will help tighten up the core and the smaller muscles! Once again lift your torso to where your body is “flat” by contracting your glutes.

At-Home Glutes Workout

Glute Kickback

Kickbacks are a great way to isolate the glutes! Begin on all fours and bring one leg up at a time by squeezing and contracting the glutes. Keep the working leg at a 90-degree angle. At the maximum contraction, your calve should be perpendicular to the ground and your thigh should be parallel to the ground!

At-Home Glutes Workout

Kneeling Squat

All squats are great but these really help isolate the glutes. Begin by kneeling on the ground with your feet underneath you (your glutes basically touching your feet). In a smooth controlled motion raise up to where you are directly above your kneecaps achieving this by squeezing the glutes! This can be done while holding dumbbells to increase the difficulty!

At-Home Glutes Workout

Leg Lift (hip extension) with band

You may have to wrap the band around itself to make it shorter. Stand straight up, looking forward with the band around your ankle. Move the leg back as far as possible while keeping the leg straight by contracting your glute. Perform the exercise on each leg!

At-Home Glutes Workout

Along with squats and deadlifts, these are some of the better ways to isolate your glutes! Perform each exercise for 12-15 repetitions for 3 sets or you can perform them in combination with a number of other bodyweight exercises!


Now that you have an at-home glutes workout, you can start combining upper and lower body exercises to get a full-body workout!

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Best Butt Workouts At Home