How to Keep Your New Year Fitness Resolution

How to Keep Your New Year Fitness Resolution

How to Keep Your Fitness Resolution

As we begin the new year, we all look to make promises of what we’re going to achieve. Everyone has their own resolution, but one that is usually shared across the board is the desire to lose weight or get fit.

Keep your fitness resolution

Maybe you feel guilty after eating too much for the holidays, or perhaps you noticed how tired you feel after running around the store all day going Christmas shopping.

Regardless, making a promise to better yourself is a good thing, but many people fail. How can you succeed? Here are a few ways to succeed at your fitness resolution.

Focus on the Other Health Benefits Besides Weight Loss

One reason why many people fail to be fit is they don’t see results right away. Losing weight is something you don’t get instant gratification from; it takes a good while, with plenty of bumps on the road during your journey.

Instead, focus on the other health benefits. More energy,  anti-aging properties, sharper mental health, better rest, there are so many other reasons to get fit besides losing weight. There isn’t anything wrong with shedding some pounds, but don’t let that be the only reason.

Change Up Your Diet

How to Keep Your New Year Fitness Resolution starting TodayObviously, you can’t lose weight unless you eat better, too. Some people go extreme, such as going on a keto or vegan diet, but you don’t have to change it radically.

You can try fasting (read our DoFasting App Review), which may give you weight loss results, or just control your portions. Some manage to eat less by eating more meals, opting for smaller meals and snacks instead of three giant ones.

There is no right diet. Instead, experiment with different diets and see which one works the best for you.

Get a Motivator

Talk to a life coast, a counselor, or a therapist. These professionals can explain why so many people fail to fulfill their resolutions and tell you how you can get past those failures.

If you’re ever having doubts and concerns, a professional can tell you how to take those doubts and turn them into something possible. Search for “therapist near me” and seek help.

Invest Some Money

Another reason why people fail is that gym memberships are flexible. You can pay $15-$30 a month for a membership and cancel anytime. If you decide to cancel your membership, it’s not too much of a loss.

However, if you have some extra money, you should see if there’s a gym that will offer an annual contract for a larger fee. Once you spend the money, you have to get your money’s worth.

Don’t Go Too Hard

A common mistake people make when they go into fitness is going too hard. They try all the machines, lift weights bigger than their heads, and try to become as strong as possible. They feel awesome on the first day and think they can keep that energy going.

Then, the next day happens. The people who worked hard are now feeling it. This is known as DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness. Newcomers to fitness will feel it if they work out too much, and it can discourage them.

The secret is to ease into fitness. Realize that this is new for your body and it can’t adjust overnight. Don’t do too much, and you can minimize the pain. Consume more protein as well.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up for Messing Up

Another reason why people fail their fitness resolution is because of one slip-up. Maybe you skipped a day at the gym or ate too much food. This leads to the feeling of guilt, but also leads to you doing it more.

But you’re only human, and you do make mistakes. Instead of trying to upset yourself over it, realize that you don’t undo progress with one bad day. Learn how to avoid that mistake in the future and you can bounce back from it.

Track Your Progress

Finally, download a fitness app like MyFitnessPal or something similar. You can set goals, count calories, and track your overall progress.

This helps you get the motivation you need to succeed at your resolution.


Don’t make your resolution an empty promise. Get out there, fulfill it, and make this year yours.

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How to Keep Your New Year Fitness Resolution