How To Get Motivated To Workout In 6 Ways

how to get motivated to workout

Do You Find Your Motivation Lags Sometimes? Here’s How to Fix it

At the start of any new goal, excitement is normally high and it’s easy to keep your head in the game. But what about when you’re between goals? Or just working out for the sake of being healthy? Sometimes it’s easy to become bored of your routine and let fitness take a back burner. But if you really want to stay healthy, fit, and active, you’ve got to stay consistent and that means staying motivated—so here’s how you do it.

6 Motivational Hacks to Keep You Going

Switch Up Your Routine

Sometimes increasing your motivation is as simple as switching up your routine. Not just the exercises, but the entire system.

If you normally love heavy lifting, why not jump into circuits or classes? Or, if you’re a long-distance runner, why not run sprints for a few weeks? Or try a faster workout routine to get in and out (here’s a fun kettlebell workout that’s super quick).

Switching it up, trying something new, and seeing how your body responds can bring back a lot of excitement.

Even if you don’t have a hard goal in mind, it can be fun—and rewarding—to try a different style of activity.

Change Up Your Workout Time

How To Stay Motivated With Your Fitness RoutineThis may not work for everyone, schedules are dependent. But if possible, trying to work out at a different time of day. Perhaps you normally exercise after work but are finding the days too long. Try getting out of bed a bit earlier and rocking it first thing in the morning instead!

Not only does this change up your workout a bit but you may notice your energy levels change to accommodate the switch. Instead of dreading your workout all day long (if you already find it hard to motivate yourself to go), you may be more excited to jump in and get it finished for the day early on.

Buy New Workout Clothes

This is perhaps vain, but it works! Sometimes all you need motivation-wise is to feel super awesome in some new gear. A great pair of workout pants, new shoes, etc., might just be what you need to get excited to break them in!

Make a New Playlist—Multiple Ones

Don’t just listen to the same old workout songs. Switch it up! Putting some genuine effort into a new playlist can be effective when it comes to motivation. And don’t just make one, make a couple that you can cycle through to keep you uplifted and inspired.

Find a Workout Buddy

Everyone is different when it comes to working out, but having a buddy can really help! Not only will you have someone to hold you accountable when it comes to staying consistent, but social time can be fun too!

Having someone to meet up with, sweat with and chat with can be a great tool in keeping you motivated.

Take a Class

Okay, so you may not naturally be a “class person”. But you can’t deny that there is something motivating about group fitness classes! It could be the uplifting, loud music or the mob mentality, but joining a fitness class can definitely be something to look forward to—and keep you hooked to come back!


If you’ve no serious goals at the moment, sometimes it’s a bit hard to stay motivated with your workouts. While you know that staying fit and active is great for you, it becomes challenging.

Use some of these six tips to keep you excited and motivated with your fitness routine and you’ll remain consistent in improving your health… and love the journey while you do it!

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How To Get Motivated To Workout In 6 Ways