Health Benefits of Sweating That Don’t Stink

benefits of sweating

Health Benefits of Sweating

Sweating can stink. Sweating can be uncomfortable. That being said, when it comes to sweating while working out it can be great! Check out these benefits of sweating!

Are there any benefits of sweating?

Sweating is terrible. It makes your shirt all gross, you start to smell and all you want to do is take a shower. It’s the worst. Right?

Well, maybe not. It turns out that when you sweat, you’re actually getting a lot of great health benefits. Sweating has a real purpose in your body and it helps you in ways you would probably never guess. So next time you’re sweating and feeling disgusting, at least you can take comfort in the fact that your body is receiving some awesome benefits, like the ones mentioned in this article.

Health Benefits of Sweating That Actually Don’t StinkMakes You Happier

We all know that exercise creates endorphins, which make you happy. But it might be more about the sweat. Exercises that don’t cause you to sweat don’t produce the same feel-good effect after the workout, meaning that sweating it out is what really puts a smile on your face.

You’ll also feel more relaxed and de-stressed after sweating during a workout.

Lessens Pain

The same endorphins that are making you happy can also act as natural pain relievers. Repeatedly exercising can give your brain the signals to send these pain-relieving endorphins to your aches and pains, making it unnecessary to grab the Advil.

This is a natural way to calm the pain you may be experiencing.

Fights Kidney Stones

Kidney stones cause terrible pain, so anything you can do to stop them from forming in your body is helpful. Sweating helps cleanse the body of salt and helps keep calcium in the bones, which means there will be less salt and calcium in your kidneys.

That will ultimately stop kidney stones from forming. You’ll also tend to drink more water if you’re sweating, which will also help cleanse the kidneys and ward off these painful stones.

Helps Your Complexion

Sweating helps cleanse your skin by opening up clogged pores and releasing toxins. This will overall limit pimples and acne that form on your skin. Sweating also helps your skin look younger, as it improves its elasticity and tone to give you fewer wrinkles and an even complexion. It also improves your blood flow to allow for maximum circulation.

Overall, sweating might look ugly as it’s happening, but it will ultimately help you look younger and healthier.

Prevents Illness

Sweating can actually prevent illnesses such as colds and viruses.

It attracts the negative bacteria that causes these illnesses and breaks them down so they can’t do any damage to your body. Sweating might be more effective than traditional antibiotics and it’s a completely natural way to stay healthy.

Keeps Body Temperature Down

Regular exercise helps keeps sweat glands in shape which is important because they are what help us regulate our body temperature in different environments. Sweating helps lower our body temperature to avoid heat strokes and overheating. Also, when you are sweating you are probably also drinking water which will help you stay hydrated and prevent these complications as well.

Heals Wounds

Health Benefits of Sweating That Actually Don’t Stink RunnerThis is one of the interesting benefits of sweating. Sweat glands actually hold adult stem cells, which help wounds close and heal. Sweating sends these cells out to do their job and activates the glands to ultimately heal wounds faster and more efficiently.

It also acts as an antibiotic so it gets to cuts and scratches and keeps them safe from things that could cause infections. More and more research is being done on this to see exactly how sweating aids wounds healing time.

Aids Substance Addiction Recovery

Because sweating boosts endorphins going through our body, working out and sweating are often used in addiction recovery. Research is constantly showing promising links between physical activity and recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

Often, substance abuse is a reaction to stress placed on an individual. By sweating it out and relieving the body of stress, recovery becomes a little bit easier.

Gives Your Body a Detox

Skip the juices and diet detoxes and instead, sweat it out! Sweating flushes your system of alcohol, cholesterol, and salt. By purging your system of these and other toxins, you will be healthier overall, feel less bloated, and even have cleaner arteries. Sweat is a good vehicle to rid your body of the gross stuff that builds up. And it doesn’t require any crazy drinks or dieting.


As you can see, there are several benefits of sweating and it is actually really beneficial for your body and your health overall.

Start sweating and getting a healthier and cleaner body!

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