The Best Vegetable Protein Sources

vegetable protein sources

Great, protein alternatives

Sometimes constantly eating the typical “clean” protein sources can get old (chicken, fish, and whey), especially when they are your only source. There has got to be another way, right? Actually, there are many great protein alternatives to help you get all the protein you need.

These might not be the first sources that pop into your mind but they still pack quite a punch!

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Protein Alternative: Beans

Need More Protein Alternatives?
Want a great protein alternative loaded with fiber? Beans are the answer! They pack one of the biggest punches of protein and fiber, all at an incredibly cheap price (dirt cheap)!

Get this; you can get roughly 15g of protein per cup of most types of beans.

Take the kidney bean, for example, 1 cup of cooked kidney beans breaks down to 15g protein, 11g fiber, and 225 calories or 15 total calories per gram of protein!

Protein Alternative: Nuts

Need More Protein Alternatives?
There may be nothing more convenient for a healthy snack than these guys. From almonds to walnuts they make it super easy to get a good deal of protein and sustained energy in a tiny package.

They really are loaded with protein. For instance, 1 cup of almonds has 30g of protein, 16g of fiber, and 824 calories! That equates to 27.5 calories per gram of protein.

While you probably won’t eat an entire cup of almonds a handful can make for a great energizing snack!

Protein Alternative: Vegetables

Need More Protein Alternatives?
You may wonder why vegetables are on this list. It’s because veggies can be one of the most overlooked protein alternatives out there.

Minus the fact that they are a great source of minerals, vitamins, fiber….etc they also offer some protein as well for a small caloric load.

This makes them an ideal source of all of the above! Now they don’t have an astronomical amount of protein within them but it is still worth considering.

For instance, most of the normal veggies that you munch on like broccoli or kale usually contain 2-3 grams of protein per cup in their raw form.

After being cooked a cup of chopped broccoli still has around the same amount of protein for only 50ish calories! That’s only 12.5 calories per gram of protein you get!

Vegetables can be an amazing way for you to get a balanced diet and consume some protein!


If you’re looking for a protein alternative besides the normal go-to sources (chicken, fish, whey…etc.) then try these!

If you plan properly you can have a well-balanced diet high in fiber and protein while not burning yourself out on the typical baked chicken breast or tilapia!

There is a wide-wide world of amazing foods out there, open up your diet and give them a try!

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The Best Vegetable Protein Sources