5 Living Room Workouts for At-Home Weight Loss

living room workout

Living Room Exercises: Simple Fitness

With the increase in obesity-related health problems, people are realizing it’s time to get fit and get healthy and this usually involves losing weight and building muscle…both require a lot of dedication. But both can literally occur in your home via kitchen nutrition and these living room exercises!

Living Room Exercises

The most common excuse we hear people use for quitting a routine is lack of time; which is understandable. Between working 40+ hours a week and making time for family, it is difficult to find time to exercise as well.

This is because we are stuck with the mindset that walking into the gym is the only way to start exercising; this is just a terrible misconception.

Our fitness goals do not all have to start by exercising at the gym…

A few moments spent at home can also be used for effective exercise. Let’s take a look at a quick living room workout you can do for at-home weight loss!

1. Couch Climbers:

Got a couch? Stand facing towards the couch with your hands on the edge of it and make sure they are in line with your shoulders. Stretch your legs backward and then pull them up one by one utilizing your abs (like a standing mountain climber). Keep doing this and gradually increase the speed.

2. Single Leg Stand:

This is a workout that will help you strengthen your leg muscles including the knees. Stand straight with your hands at your sides. Gradually pick one leg about 3 or 6 inches above the ground.

Balance your entire body weight on the one leg that is kept on the ground. Avoid shaking the hips to increase the amount of pressure on the knees.

3. Standing Calf Raises:

Start by standing about 6 or 12 inches away from a wall. Place your hands on the wall at shoulder height with your feet hip-width apart. Slowly lift yourself on your toes and gradually lower down.

You can perform this by lifting one leg at a time to increase the difficulty and make sure you are effectively working both legs.

4. Decline Pushups:

Lie face down with your feet high up on a couch. Place your palms beside your chest and bend your elbows. Then perform a normal pushup. You can also place your hands on a couch and try performing this pushup as an elevated pushup.

5. Side Plank with Bent Knees:

This is an exercise that will help you work your hip muscles. Lie sideways on an exercise mat. Stack your legs and bend your knees. Lift your torso and the upper body by supporting it with your forearm. Now slowly lift your hips and thigh to straighten your body and then return to the starting position. Perform ten reps for both sides.


These are just a few exercises that you can perform within the comforts of your own home.

Try this workout for 3 sets if you are pinched for time and can’t make it to the gym; remember to keep it at a high intensity (with proper form) to burn more calories.

These exercises are a great way to help burn calories all while building muscle; talk about a win-win!

James Hundson – fitness trainer. Being a health and fitness professional, James believes in daily life balance. He research and design the perfect program required to accomplish individual goals. Visit PharmaFreak.com to find our more!
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