The 5 Ways: How to Lose Weight Fast

how to lose weight fast

Lose Weight Fast Starting Today

With so much information out there, it’s hard to keep up with the latest weight-loss trends. Here are 5 science-based tips and tricks to help you lose weight fast… starting today!

Lose weight with science

One thing we all know – excess body weight causes massive health problems…

Some of the health problems include high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and difficulties in breathing.

There are several science-backed methods for losing weight in a quick, impactful way. Let’s break them down!

5 simple ways to lose weight fast

Lift weight 3 times per week

This method is scientist-approved as it can help shed off the pounds over a short period.

Through customer health information, it is stated that lifting weights helps to boost general body immunity. The body can fight diseases easily without even needing a doctor. The muscles also become strong enough to handle any job.

If you are obese, you will notice that after a period, you can breathe more freely because excess fat that had accumulated around the heart and throughout the body has been removed.

Choose weight loss-friendly foods

5 Science Backed Ways To Lose Weight FastThe vegan diet is one of the best for weight loss and is scientifically proven.

Because you aren’t consuming animal products, there is the potential for less fat and weight formation while reducing your risk of diabetes. For such a diet to be effective, you must be disciplined and strict as you strive for weight loss.

If it is too difficult for you to eat less, use a smaller plate during meals and avoid adding more food and with time you will get used to it.

Drink more water

The minimum amount of water recommended by doctors is at least 64 ounces (8 eight-ounce glasses) per day.

Scientists have proven that drinking water 30 minutes before eating helps to reduce the intake of calories during the meal.

If you are not a fan of water, you can also opt for coffee or tea since they have the components that help to reduce weight. Drink it in plenty, and the results will be amazing.

Get enough sleep

Insomnia causes weight gain, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Getting sleep helps to keep your mind relaxed, hence lowering blood pressure.

Scientists have proven that enough sleep helps reduce excess weight because the body, mind, and spirit are relaxed. Less stress leads to less hormonal weight gain (cortisol).

Cook with coconut oil

This means replacing your normal cooking oil with coconut oil. This oil is scientifically proven to contain less fat as compared to other oils.

Featured in the customer health information, coconut oil is said to have special fats that lower your appetite so that you eat fewer calories per meal.

This oil also brings blood pressure back to normal and stabilizes diabetes and cholesterol levels.


When using the above 5 ways to lose weight fast, all you need is to choose the most suitable and comfortable method for you.

Avoid quitting halfway through the process when things get hard… The results will be half-baked and not satisfying. Discipline your body by not honoring its eating commands.

Eat when you are hungry, and you will adapt to the system slowly.

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The 5 Ways: How to Lose Weight Fast