Body Weight Exercises For Great Results

body weight exercises

Bodyweight training for great results

Do you lack the time, money, or energy to make it to the gym tonight? Don’t have equipment at home either? Well, the simple answer is to do bodyweight exercises! Not only are these some of the easiest, most basic exercises you can do but they can also be the best. Bodyweight training is ideal!

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Bodyweight training at its finest

For one thing, these exercises increase your functional strength – the strength you need to complete your daily tasks.

It’s even been found that functional strength training is just as effective, if not more, than traditional weight lifting (Weiss et al. 2010). Basically, you can get almost the same benefits with bodyweight training at home as you would with traditional strength training at the gym.

For example, doing bodyweight training via exercises like squats can help you stoop down and pick things up easier, while bodyweight pushups or pull-ups can increase your upper body strength for lugging around your toddler.

You may be afraid that you aren’t strong enough to pull your own weight but never fear, there are easy ways to modify the exercises to make them doable until you build up your strength.

Take a look at some upper body exercises and try to employ them in your workout.

Bodyweight Training: Can You Carry Your Weight?
Modified Incline Pushup
Bodyweight Training: Can You Carry Your Weight?
Incline Pushup
Bodyweight Training: Can You Carry Your Weight?
Bodyweight Training: Can You Carry Your Weight?
Bodyweight Training: Can You Carry Your Weight?
Pushup Planks

Ideally, I would recommend doing all of these exercises in a circuit training format. In which you perform each exercise for 20 reps before moving on to the next exercise, for a total of 3 sets per exercise.

For timed exercises, perform them in your circuit as well but for 30-60+ seconds, depending on your fitness level. This circuit format will help improve your strength and keep your heart healthy! Add weight as you get stronger!

Let’s face it, bodyweight exercises are the basics and that is one of the biggest trends in the fitness industry these days – sticking to the basics. Along with nutrition, sticking to the basics will improve your quality of life by improving your functional strength; activities just become easier (American Heart Association 2013).

As one of our founding fathers said two centuries ago:

Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning. -Thomas Jefferson


Improve your functional strength with these bodyweight exercises and you will live a healthier, more rewarding life! So I ask you again, can you carry your weight?

Looking to start bodyweight training? Try these bodyweight exercises:

Bodyweight Training: Can You Carry Your Weight?

Download the pdf here: Bodyweight-training


American Heart Association (2013) Physical activity improves the quality of life.

Weiss T, Kreitinger J, Wilde H, Wiora C, Steege M, Dalleck L, Janot J (2010) Effect of functional resistance training on muscular fitness outcomes in young adults. J Exer Sci & Fitness 8(2):113-122.

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Body Weight Exercises For Great Results