The Top 10 Common Excuses for Not Exercising

excuses for not exercising

Fitness Excuses: Time to drop them

So this time you think you have a good excuse to skip your workout? Let me guess, you forgot your headphones so there is no way you can exercise? Or you didn’t bring the matching gym apparel and don’t look fabulously fashionable, so working out is out of the question? Or maybe you just don’t feel like it? Drop the fitness excuses!

What fitness excuses are you making?

Well all those excuses are crap 🙂 and as the old saying goes, “excuses are like a$$holes everyone has one.”

Let’s look at some common fitness excuses and why they are crap.

1. I don’t have enough time

Our Fitness Excuses are Crap and Here's Why!Shouldn’t you schedule in time to make your life better? You can give so much more to your family, friends, and the workplace when you are healthy. It may seem selfish but you honestly need to take the time to improve your health; you can give more to everyone around you which is the most unselfish thing you can do!

Take 30 minutes a day to improve yourself; your whole family will thank you for it!

2. I can’t get a break from the kids

Well here’s an idea: I bet your kids need some extra exercise as well. Get them rounded up and do activities together like walking or playing catch in the backyard! Get the little ones up and active and developing a healthy mindset; you will be putting them on the path to good health from the get-go!

If you have infants that need watching, exercise during their naps. You can easily perform a 10-minute workout while they are sleeping and still have time for house chores.

3. I’m too tired

Exercise could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Getting up and active will get your blood pumping! This will help energize you! In fact the more frequently your exercise the more energized you will feel throughout the week as well! Likewise, you could be tired because you are not sleeping soundly.

A healthy dose of exercise will have you tuckered out and sleeping more soundly!

4. I’m too out of shape to go to the gym

Wait, what? What exactly is the gym for then? I actually hear this excuse more than you would think. Many people fear that because they are so out of shape they might as well not even try. This is the mindset that got them to where they are in the first place!

Fine, don’t go to the gym but at least get-up and start moving. Start by walking 30-45 minutes a day and you will be amazed at how your exercise capacity increases!

5. I don’t feel like driving to the gym

I completely understand this one, especially if you live over 15 minutes away from the gym like me. But once again this excuse is crap.

You can easily get just as an effective workout at home! Try mixing together any of the at-home exercises I’ve shown you to get a complete workout. No equipment? Try bodyweight exercises!

6. I have no idea what I’m doing at the gym

This is a very common excuse but the only way to learn is to educate yourself by trial-and-error, research, or observation. You can learn quite a bit about exercising by just watching some of the regulars at the gym. Or you can research exercises online and implement them into your workout!

Lastly, it never hurts to ask someone for advice and guidance! They will be happy to help!

7. I’ve tried exercise before and didn’t see results, it doesn’t work?

Our Fitness Excuses are Crap and Here's Why!

You have to be patient! It takes commitment and effort to achieve the results you want. Anything that is worth achieving doesn’t come easily and the same goes with your health.

Give your program at least 4 weeks before expecting to see results.

8. I can’t afford a gym membership

No, the correct statement should be I can’t afford to be obese. For example, it was estimated back in 2008 that obese individuals pay over $1,400 more a year on medical bills compared to normal individuals! If that doesn’t help convince you to get your butt up then nothing will.

9. Hell I’m 50, I’m too old to workout

Ugggh no you aren’t, 50 is like the new 30! Working out becomes a must as you age because it helps you keep your independence and quality of life! For instance, resistance training helps increase your functional strength to carry out your day-to-day activities! It’s a must!

10. Exercise is so boring

Well, perform an exercise that doesn’t bore you. Instead of running endlessly on a treadmill try Zumba, kickboxing, biking, or anything that will get you up and active and doing something that isn’t so “boring.”

There are so many activities from hiking to canoeing out there that the excuse “exercise is boring” is BS.


We all have fitness excuses, every single one of us! It may be underlying fear, insecurity, or sloth but you can easily overcome them by resetting your mind to the fitness goals you want to achieve! Think how the effort will all be worth it when you reach your goals!

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The Top 10 Common Excuses for Not Exercising